The Left is Pathetic

There is a site that has pictures of people apologizing to the rest of the world for the results of the election.
First of all, who gives a damn what the rest of the world thinks? This is America and we call our own shots. I do not hear anyone from other countries apologizing when their leaders do things their people do not like. As far as I am concerned they can jump in the ocean. I think these hateful Americans at this web site are really misguided. Hateful? Yes, they called us dumb, stupid, immoral, and said we hate America. Just read some of the signs. I have this to say to all the people in the pictures. GET A LIFE. Quit whining like a bunch of school girls and suck it up. Your man lost and that is that. Those of you who indicated you would like to leave please do. If you do, please denounce your citizenship and promise not to come back.
Now for a few of the pictures:

A couple upset with the lack of success of the gay marriage issue.

A man who should not have disgraced his uniform.


And a European who is ashamed of her heritage and does not know basic grammar.


Like I said, this is pathetic. I could not care less what the rest of the world thinks about our election. They should worry about getting their own houses straight before they worry about us. The other pathetic thing is a lot of these people were begging not to be hit by terrorists. Cowards! They actually imply the terrorists should hit the people who voted for Bush. What a sad state of affairs. These people obviously have very small brains. The site is located here.

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