The Kind of Cowards We Are Fighting

At this site is a picture of an insurgent in Iraq who had been placing bombs in vehicles. As we have seen in the news these bombs are killing all kinds of people. The man is begging for mercy from the people who captured him. He is begging not t be hurt by the same people who he has been targeting to kill.

This takes a lot of nerve. It also shows what kind of cowards we are dealing with. When they have your hands tied being your back and are hacking your head off they are brave. When they are slithering around placing bombs in vehicles and killing people they are macho. As soon as they get caught and have to confront people head on they are cowards.

Let me tell you what kind of mercy they should show this guy. They should take him out in a field, tie his hands behind his back and pack him in about a ton of explosives. They should set a timer on it and face it toward him so he can see it count down. Then they should clear out, sell popcorn and cola, and watch until this waste of flesh blows to smitherines.

Let that be the display of mercy for the rest of the cowards.

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One Response to “The Kind of Cowards We Are Fighting”

  1. Traveller says:

    The “insurgent” is probably on the pay of Mr. Allawi the Murderer or Mr. Allawi’s bosses the AL-CIA. These evil people need bombing, killing to justify their war on “terror” and continue illegal occupation of Iraq.