The Imus and Sharpton Story, Take Two

Well, here we go again with Don Imus. Yesterday on the Imus show they were discussing NFL player Adam Jones and the fact that he had been arrested six times. Imus asked what color he was and when informed that Jones was African American Imus stated; “There you go. Now we know.” Needless to say, this has set off round 2 of the firestorm with Al Sharpton declaring that this would be looked into to see if action needs to be taken. First of all, who made Sharpton the radio police? Second of all, why not wait for the rest of the story which happens to be that Imus was indicating that Jones was being picked on because he is black.

Does anyone remember Al Sharpton declaring that he would look into the comments made by Barack Obama when Obama said that his grandmother was a typical white person? No one can remember such a thing because it did not happen. None of the race baiting poverty pimps decried Obama’s comments and when a stink was made about the issue Obama and his people gave an explanation and it was bought by everyone who has fallen under his spell. No protests from Sharpton, no demands that Barry step down and I think that Sharpton even accused Obambi of schmoozing up to the whites too much.

Whether Imus meant it as he says or not is only known to Imus but the fact is he stated that is what he meant and that is how it should be taken. Sharpton has no right to look into anything to begin with but now this should stop him in his tracks. Sharpton has no moral authority in race relations. He is a race baiter who overlooks acts of racism by black people and exploits any possibility of racism from whites. Al has incited violent riots where people have been killed (if it had been my family member there would be no Al Sharpton) and he has continually made racial issues out of nothing. Duke rape case, Jena six, and countless other issues were incited and inflamed by him and he moved on leaving the embers to burn. When the issues were settled and no racism existed, he did not apologize, he made excuses and still linked it to racism.

I understand that there are those who will say that Imus has a history so his acts need to be looked at. Well, Barack Obama has a racist history and his associations with people like Pastor Wright (who was also ignored by Sharpton) as well as Father Pfleger leave him open to the same scrutiny. I would think that Obambi’s associations with Al Sharpton would be considered a racist history.

Of course Al and his lemmings cannot go after Barry O. He is a brother and he might be president some day. We all know black people cannot be racists and Al cannot take them to task because of slavery oh so long ago. As an aside, Al and Barry seem to be doing pretty well for people who are still oppressed by the scars of slavery.

I know Al will never go after a black guy and will concentrate on any white who he thinks has offended in even the most remote way. But Al, Barry Obama is half white and given your hatred for white people I would think you’d at least pick on Barry half the time.

Regardless of how Imus meant it, the bar has been set and he should be left alone.

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