The Illusion Of Homeland Security

The US Government has spent a great deal of money to give the impression that we are a secure nation. We have X-Ray machines at airports, TSA screeners who feel us up and thousands of other intrusive things that make people feel safe but provide no measurable level of actual security. In the eleven years since 9/11 no one at the airport has actually stopped a terrorist and many airports fail security tests. Not to worry though because plenty of people have been inconvenienced and embarrassed.

As a side note, the US is testing a new aircraft that will travel at hypersonic speeds. The idea is that eventually travel will be so fast that one can get from New York to London in an hour or so. How ironic is it that one would spend longer going through security than it would take to fly across the ocean?

In any event, a person has been charged with criminal trespassing because he breeched security at JFK airport. The man, Daniel Castillo, was stranded in Jamaica Bay while jet-skiing so he swam to shore, climbed over a wall and then walked across two runways and into a terminal.

Castillo went to a Delta Airlines agent who called the authorities. Castillo probably had no criminal intent and just needed help but he managed to embarrass JFK and all of Homeland Security by getting past $100 MILLION dollars in security devices including closed circuit cameras and motion sensors.

Yes, Castillo walked in undetected by an elaborate and expensive Intrusion Detection System and made it across two runways and into a terminal and was not detected until he presented himself to someone inside the building. He could probably have left the airport and they would never have known he was there.

Castillo was a person in distress and not a terrorist or he could have caused all kinds of chaos at the airport long before he was detected but being in distress is not a reason to avoid criminal charges if one embarrasses the government.

The government does not like the curtain pulled back so that everyone sees how inept it really is. It was caught with its 100 million dollar pants down so Castillo will have to suffer.

Unless of course he gets a lawyer who can effectively defend him.

Either way he will suffer the expense and time involved in the case.

And no matter what happens to him we are no safer even with the expensive gee whiz stuff government employs.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Illusion Of Homeland Security”

  1. Blake says:

    Personally, the Patriot Act has been a fiasco that has taken our Liberties from us a little at a time, sort of like a mouse stealing grains of rice- hardly noticeable, until your rice is gone.
    Benjamin Franklin once said ” A man who trades his Liberty for security, deserves neither.”