The Ice Cream Social Cause

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is not a particular favorite of mine. In fact I have not had their ice cream in years because I do not like the flavors they offer. I prefer Breyer’s ice cream because it tastes good. And additional benefit is that the company is not involved in social activism.

In honor of Vermont’s new law allowing gay marriage, Ben and Jerry’s has renamed their Chubby Hubby ice cream to Hubby Hubby. It is one thing to celebrate the passage of an event with a new label as they did when Obama was elected and they changed an ice cream name to Yes Pecan or when they changed a flavor to Jerry Garcia to honor the Dead’s lead singer but it is quite another to rename an ice cream to mark the passage of a divisive issue. A lot of people find gay marriage wrong and it does not seem like a smart marketing ploy to remind people of the decay of an institution by giving the ice cream a name that references homosexuality.

I really don’t care about Ben and Jerry’s but find it funny that they think it is smart to inject themselves into this kind of an issue.

At least this is just a temporary change of a product and not a new one. Imagine the label if they had developed a new ice cream called Hubby Hubby:

Hubby Hubby
Fudge Packed Ice Cream

Lots of smooth cream sprinkled with nuts
For that bold, in your face taste

Perhaps they could have changed their Dublin Mudslide flavor to Double Mudslide or their Berried Treasure to Buried Pleasure…

I also wonder if the lesbians feel left out. There is no ice cream that has been renamed to honor the women’s ability to marry each other.

I think Ben and Jerry should rename their Banana Split ice cream to No Banana Lickety Split. It can have a label like:

No Banana Lickety Split
without nuts

A delightful tub of ice cream designed
For those who don’t like to lick a cone

Maybe they could have changed their Phish Food flavor to Phish Mood or Jamacian Me Crazy to Jamacian Me Crazy so Lesbe Friends or even changing Sweet Cream and Cookies to Sweet Cream and Nookie.

OK, I have had about enough fun with this locker room humor. This is your chance to suggest flavors to honor other things in America. Perhaps they can come up with San Francisco Treat (packed with Fruits and Nuts) or maybe Democrat Delight (Lots of Fluff and Lacking Nuts).

Perhaps they can even rehonor Obama with a Cashews for Clunkers flavor. You have to use someone else’s money to buy it…

Lastly, they might try a flavor to honor Ted Kennedy. Something like Liver Quiver, an intoxicating ice cream that is sure to make a splash…

Have at it but try not to be to risque

Ben and Jerry’s Flavors

Big Dog

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35 Responses to “The Ice Cream Social Cause”

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  2. Jolene says:

    I haven’t eaten their ice cream since GW was first elected because of their nasty stance against him .. fudge packed with nuts (snort) – remember, I’m married to a grunt .. :D (big evil grin)

  3. Darrel says:

    Ben and Jerry sold to the multi-national Unilever in 2000.

    “Although the founders are still engaged with the company, they do not hold any board or management position and are not involved in day-to-day management of the company.”

    As your “Hubby Hubby” link says:

    “From the very beginning of our 30 year history, we have supported equal rights for all people. The legalisation of marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Vermont is certainly a step in the right direction and something worth celebrating with peace, love and plenty of ice cream.”

    Good for them.

    Gay equality is the way of the future. Observe this graph.

    In twenty years or so, suggesting gays shouldn’t be allowed equal rights with regard to marriage or anything else, will be as strange as saying today that left handed people shouldn’t have equal rights with regard to marriage or anything else.


  4. Barbara says:

    Darrell, as long as you have true christians who believe in Lord’s Word, you will have people protesting gay marriage. Marriage was created by God and ordained as between a man and a woman. Those of you who want it changed are actually trying to fight God and you will only get away with it for so long. One day you all will have to stand before Him and be judged. Yes, God will judge according to His Word and will not change His mind. He love you, but will punish sin and those who don’t believe in Him. Why don’t you pray and ask God to reveal Himself to you. He revealed Himself to my brother in a miraculous way so don’t be surprised if you really want to hear from Him.

    • Darrel says:

      Barbara. If you take a grain of sand and hold it at arms length, within that very very tiny portion of sky, far far away, there are about one thousand, five hundred, galaxies.

      Not solar systems.


      Each one of these contain, about 100 billion stars.

      You can watch a nice four minute 3D video presentation of the Hubble deep field pictures we have taken here.

      The idea that a creator of such a universe would be interested in the smell of burning goat flesh, or whether or not a man picks up sticks on a Sunday, or would choose to communicate a message of eternal importance through such a manifestly flawed, error filled, contradictory work of fables such as the Christian Bible, is an idea I am unable to take seriously.

      If He wishes to contact me, I trust He knows my address.

      “If God really feared that mankind could build a structure tall enough to see him in the heavens, then the Hubble space telescope has proven that he does not exist, for it has peered some 10 billion light years into deep space, into places much, much further than any structure could ever take us. If God destroyed the Tower of Babel for fear of being seen, and if God confused the language for fear of human technological advancement, then why didn’t he see to it that the Hubble was destroyed before it ever reached orbit?” –Chris Bailey

      • Blake says:

        If God contacted you, would you know Him?
        I doubt it.

        • Darrel says:

          Well then he wouldn’t be very good at contacting people would he?

          When I contact people, they know I have contacted them. If a goat farmer can figure out how to do this, you would think an all-knowing being could figure it out too.

        • Blake says:

          You’d have to recognize that he was trying to contact you- you expect you are so important that He needs to make a”special” effort on your part?
          What an ego you have- to think that he has to slap the back of your head to get your attention- so sad.

        • Darrel says:

          BLK: “You’d have to recognize that he was trying to contact you…”

          When human beings contact me, I recognize that they have contacted me. Are you suggesting that these people are smarter than your God?

        • Blake says:

          No Darrel, I am saying you are deaf to God- there is a difference- yo have to be willing to hear, and you are not ready to do so, that’s all.
          Perhaps one day- then again, perhaps not.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Show me where this is a basic human right. Show me where it is basic human right. You cannot do that because it is not.

    Here is the deal. States decide what they want. If a state decides that it does not want it then it is not bigotry or anything else. It is a citizenry exercising its right. Just like you said about abortion, it is the law and defined a certain way, like it or not. Well the same is true for gay marriage. It is against the law in many places and will remain that way in many of them.

    I really don’t care too much. Gays will die off because they cannot breed and liberals are aborting their replacements so in a generation or two morons will be gone.

    • Adam says:

      Conservative children can get teh gay as well so don’t kid yourself. Eventually old white dudes like yourself will die off and then there will be too few of you left to stop teh gay from taking over and eventually we’ll ban straight marriage.

      • Blake says:

        Ahhhh- so you are gay, Adam? That explains the man- crush with Vannie.

        • Adam says:

          Nope. In the same way that I’m not female, not black, just a regular old straight white guy from the South, I still know a thing or two about civil rights, gender equality, and gay rights.

          • Big Dog says:

            Explain civil rights. Is it a civil right for illegal immigrants to receive health care or to be allowed to work?

            You have erred on the racism thing so I am wondering what it is you know about civil rights. You call me racist for opposing illegal immigrants (who are mostly Mexican) when Mexican is not a race. You called me racist for opposing radical Islam when Islam is not a race and you call me racist for opposing the policies of a man who happens to be black. Policies are not a race.

            So I am interested on your take on civl rights.

            • Adam says:

              We can debate the label all you want but we both know you’re a bigot. I don’t know what’s in your heart but I know what you write on this site.

            • Big Dog says:

              I am no bigot. You use your definition to call me one but it is not true.

            • Blake says:

              In your mind, a bigot is someone who won’t roll over like a cur dog, so they won’t get whipped- anyone who has tenets and truths they abide by are bigots, right Adam?

            • Blake says:

              A reply that evades Dog’s question- very “Obama” of you.

            • Big Dog says:

              A bigot is defined as:

              a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

              I am not intolerant of any differing creed, belief or opinion. I welcome all of them and sometimes agree. I have said many times that people were entitled to their opinions and I believe anyone is free to espouse any creed or belief. I am intolerant of some things but not ALL.

              Given this definition and you application of the word, you too are a bigot.

        • Adam says:

          But you’re right. Van Jones is a pretty, pretty man.

        • Blake says:

          Ahhh, so, Down Low, right Adam? Don’t ask Don’t tell?

    • Darrel says:

      Bigd: “how me where it is basic human right. You cannot do that because it is not.”>>

      “Basic human rights” are man made constructs, like morals. They aren’t objective facts you can point to like a pencil on a desk. So I can’t show you one.

      Withholding basic humans rights from a class of humans because of their ethnicity, or sexual orientation, is bigotry, and it doesn’t matter if it is done at the family, city, county, state or federal level.

      The anti-gay bigots will soon die out and as adam said and my chart above shows, this will shortly be a non-issue.

      Best to stay with the “I don’t care” angle since it will allow you to feel better when you lose this issue, which if you haven’t noticed, you already have.

      Bigd: States decide what they want.>>

      No they don’t. See the US constitution. And for this we can all be thankful.

      BigD: If a state decides that it does not want it then it is not bigotry or anything else.>>

      Bigotry is not defined or determined by the size of an ignorant mob in a backward state.

      Bigd: It is a citizenry exercising its right.

      Their right to be bigots? Just like when they used to hang folks from the tree’s eh? There were some folks exercising their rights. Nope, in a few decades, the US will be shamed, even at the federal level, into giving gays full human rights.

      I think we’ll even go metric some day, which is obviously, objectively, better. Why is the US always bringing up the rear on these things?

      Bigd: Gays will die off because they cannot breed>>

      Homosexuality has a robust presence all though out the animal kingdom, so this has not been a detriment (the first gay guy I knew of was married with two children). I don’t know why God made so many gays on this planet but alas, his ways are higher than ours.

      Bigd: and liberals are aborting their replacements…>>

      Actually, if you want to see where the social dysfunction is the greatest, look to the most religious US and especially the most religious areas of the US.

      Now that’s a contest we win!

      My good friend Art just put this data together beautifully in a column in our local paper. Quite amazing really. I’ll be sending this out to over 300 people in our area.

      It can be read here.


      • Blake says:

        In nature, you have only two rights- the right to be born, and the right to die- everything else is a privilege that we have granted ourselves through our superior form of government- a form of government that Hussein and his running dog lackeys seem determined to destroy.
        The same form of government that has allowed us as a nation to rise above others, and make this casual conversation possible (for now). The same form of government that enables us to have the OPPORTUNITY to succeed- not the guarantee that you will- what- you don’t like to work? Too bad- you should not have the opportunity to live off of our work- do your own.

        • Darrel says:

          BLK: “The same form of government that has allowed us as a nation to rise above others, and make this casual conversation possible…”

          Good point. In most countries “casual conversations” are not “possible.”


  6. victoria says:

    Darrel, you can point fingers all day long at the Christians you think are dumb and dysfunctional and whatever else you think they are. Ultimately to God regarding you and HIM it doesn’t matter what I do or say or any other Christian for that matter. God is looking at what is inside if you. Everything you write here smacks of pride,arrogance,and disdain for others and for God Himself.

    • Darrel says:

      My arrogance doesn’t hold a candle to yours. I would never be so arrogant as to pretend to know the actions, intentions and desires of “God.”

      But you do.


  7. Big Dog says:

    I don’t really care what gay people do and I am not “anti” gay. I believe it is a debviant lifestyle but know many gay people and have no ill will toward them.

    My concern is preservation of an institution that has been clearly defined for a very long time. Civil unions are sanctioned by the state and are just as legally binding. Change the tax laws to allow equity in thta area and all is the same.

    Marriage is a religious institution and should fall under that perview without state interference.

    I also believe that a man and a woman who go to Cith Hall to unite should be classified as a civil union. Marriage should take place in a church.

    you make the assumption that I am anti gay. I am not. I am not for changing institutions and putting unfair burdens on churches with regard to performing marriages.

  8. Blake says:

    You can’t have a Dead Ted flavor- excess alcohol doesn’t allow things to freeze- but you could get a Salty Dog Jello Shot ( you have to overturn it).