The “I Know Nothing” Regime

The Obama Regime has a bunch of know nothings in it. I don’t mean they are not educated or that they are not smart people (just not as smart as they or their worshippers think), I mean they conveniently know nothing when scandal hits. Since scandal, wrongdoing and corruption hits each and every day, there are a lot of people who suddenly “know nothing.”

The Chicago Tribune has an article about the growing green energy scandal where Obama and his regime doled out a half a billion dollars to Solyndra as a good investment in green energy (a loan the Bush administration decided against because it was too risky) only to watch as the company went bankrupt and billions in taxpayer dollars were whizzed down the drain. The Trib calls this nothing more than the Chicago Way, something they are used to in Obama’s stomping grounds.

The cover up begins as Obama and those in his regime try to counter claims of political favor for people who contributed to little Barry. There will be investigations as communications are uncovered daily. These show that Obama and his people worked to streamline the process while ignoring all the warnings. The major concern was not over whether taxpayer dollars would be wasted (they were) but that it would hit during the 2012 campaign and damage Obama.

Rahm Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff and part of the Chicago political machine, says he does not remember anything about Solyndra. Yep, twinkle toes Emanuel is claiming that he can’t remember anything about the shady deal involving the company that went belly up costing taxpayers half a billion dollars.

The guy who remembers all political infractions and wages war against opponents based on his long memory now can’t recall a single thing about Solyndra. Funny, there are emails from his assistants regarding the issue. How is it that Rahm can’t remember?

Please liberals don’t tell me that the assistants did this without his knowledge. If that is the case he should have never been in a leadership position and he should not be the mayor of Chicago.

This is nothing more than Emanuel distancing himself from a scandal he was involved in. He did that with the Blagojevich pay to play scandal that involved Obama’s vacated US Senate seat. Emanuel was involved in that just as he is involved in the Solyndra scandal but he claims he can’t remember anything.

That is the typical Chicago political response:

“I know nothing!” SGT Schultz would be proud.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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13 Responses to “The “I Know Nothing” Regime”

  1. Adam says:

    This “scandal” is one big pack of lies but is par for the course as far as your side is concerned. It’s hilarious how far you’ll go to lay this at the feet of Obama. You’ll lie and pretend the Bush administration turned down the loan (they didn’t) because they knew it was bad (it wasn’t) so Obama took it on knowing it was bad because his people had ties do it (they didn’t).

    No one wants to lose money but this was a good investment that went bad simply because of economic conditions and not the actions of those involved. Don’t be shocked when this whole thing fizzles out to nothing and you’re left on the side lines whining about how the media has once again covered for President Obama.

    • Big Dog says:

      Yeah, one big pack of lies. The people from Solyndra will invoke the 5th Amendment when questioned by Congress. That is to prevent self incrimination…

      And another person has come forward to discuss the regime trying to influence testimony.

      And the regime does not need the MSM to cover, it has people like you.

      And yes, the loan was initiated under the Bush Administration, but it was rejected.

      And yes, the loan was bad. The last linked article shows the concerns about Solyndra running out of money in September 2011 (which it did) and that there was a lot of risk (which there obviously was). So the warnings were there but ignored as the Obama Regime pushed it through. I know blame Bush is the game you all play but the meme is getting old and not working any longer.

    • Blake says:

      What gets me, is there were so many signals- first, the Bush admin backed off on its approval, then the CBO scored it negatively, and of course, the Senate Financial committee had reservations, (among its Republican members- the left can’t do math).

    • Blake says:

      Adam- when you make the panel for 6 dollars, but sell it for 3 dollars, how in the hell can you call it a good investment?
      Even those for whom soft helmets were made for can do THAT math, but apparently this admin cannot.

      • Ferd Berfel says:

        Hold on; just a few months ago Adam and the Obamanites were saying “it isn’t possible to cut the deficit by reducing spending!”
        What more do we need to know about Lefty?

  2. Adam says:

    “…but it was rejected.”

    Your source is incorrect to say it was “rejected.” The panel suggested the project appeared to have merit but was not ready for approval and needed more information and studies. The very same panel took the loan up later an approved it. The only difference is Obama was president then instead of Bush but it was the same members of the same panel.

    “I know blame Bush is the game you all play but the meme is getting old and not working any longer.”

    I’m not blaming Bush. I’m suggesting neither he or President Obama deserve blame for the failure of the company itself.

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      So there were l9iberal Democrats while Bush was in office! Oh what a surprise! I thought that when Bush was president, everyone automatically became a responsible war monger. Imagine my surprise to discover he was NOT in charge of the house, the Senate or any of their panels, sub-panels and blagh blagh.

      Liberals, proof that proof isn’t needed for idiots to draw idiotic conclusions.

  3. Adam says:

    This is just not a real scandal and it’s sad that your side thinks so much of it. It’s about 1.5% of all loans given out from a program that is not Obama’s work. The panel that gave the loan was not appointed by Obama. But facts don’t mean anything do they?

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      So who do you blame it on? Where does the buck stop for you? Liberals appointed by Democrats under Bush or Liberals appointed by Obama?

      Because two things we KNOW; the loan was a poor fiscal move, and it was done by liberals. Obviously. It was not a conservative thing to do. Hence, it was liberal.

      • Ferd Berfel says:

        And if tossing 500 million bucks away during these hard times ISN’T a “real” scandal, we wonder what is?

        I suspect you are confused (well, we know you are confused) by “conspiracy theory” and “scandal.” To a liberal, two boys humping in the park is normal stuff.

        To a conservative it is a scandal.
        I don’t think liberals have scandals, do they? Because they accept everything. Everything except honor, truth, common sense, responsibility, ethics, and Remington shotguns, anyway.

    • Blake says:

      Wow! I believe that it was Nelson Rockefeller who once said, “A million here, a million there, and pretty soon we’re talking real money.”
      Of course, that was back in the sixties, when we had real money, but for you to say that 535 million dollars disappeared and the head honchos taking the fifth amendmant in front of Congress is NOT a scandal, especially when 1.5 BILLION dollars is set to walk out the door and possibly disappear in the same fashion is amazing to me.
      Just WHAT do you consider a scandal?

      • Adam says:

        This may be a scandal as far as the company itself goes. This is certainly not a scandal that has any impact on Obama.

        Cry me a river, Blake. After your side squandered billions in Iraq you suddenly care where millions go simply because you believe you can make liberals look bad in doing so.

        • Big Dog says:

          As far as I know Congress voted for the spending in Iraq and that includes Democrats. And you have nothing on the issue when we still have Iraq and now have Libya.

          Yes, it is a scandal. Pay for play. Obama was well aware just like the Blago seat. Obama might get by unscathed like he did in that issue (he was involved) but that does not mean there was not corruption going on.

          Funny the picture those emails are painting.