The Hysteria Continues

I read the other day, I think it was at Drudge, that a college professor was leaving the United States and moving her family to Italy. She indicated that she was leaving as a result of the election. She indicated that more than 50% of the population was uneducated, just did not understand what was going on. She stated that she was moving so her children could get a better education. Her remark was that they could not get a good education in America.

Well now there you have it. A liberal college professor, who is responsible for teaching, admitted that American children do not get a good education. Perhaps this person could explain how it is that she was not doing her job. She was getting all that money to teach our kids and she says they will not get a good education. Perhaps it is because college professors spend their time bombarding our children with their mindless liberal prattle instead of teaching them something.

She is throwing in the towel. She had to quit because her candidate lost. Most people would not quit but I understand why she did. The article said she was from France. The only thing the French know how to do is surrender.

I say let her go and have her take all the tenured professors at the institutions of “higher education” with her. Then we can put some people in the colleges who actually teach. I think she had it wrong. The minority of the voters who turned out were not informed. They were the uneducated. They were lead around by Kerry like the sheep they are. I hope all of her kind get on a plane and go. Then there will be less uneducated voters in the next election.

UPDATE: I found the link to the article. It was at ABC News.

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