The Heavy Hand Of Government

The federal government has used its power to intimidate people for a very long time. The abuse of power is not limited to any one person in government but modern technology allows people to see more of it. The IRS abuse of conservative groups is one such abuse and while this is not the first time the IRS has been used to intimidate it is the first where widespread dissemination of the abuse has occurred very rapidly.

The internet and alternative media sources have allowed people to see the abuse in real time so that it is not “old news” by the time they see it.

The current regime in Washington is abusing its power and targeting people who do not agree with it, particularly conservative groups. This regime is not above using the law to target its enemies or to cover its rear ends. The lie about a video causing the terror attack in Benghazi resulted in an unknown filmmaker being arrested and many conservative groups were harassed by the IRS.

These are just facts.

Now it looks like the jackboots of government are pressing on the neck of a conservative who dared to write books and produce films unfavorable to Barack Obama. Dinesh D’Souza has been indicted for violating campaign finance laws by allegedly funneling money to a candidate.

It is possible D’Souza broke the law and whether he did so intentionally or not is up to the courts to decide. The reality is that he has a new film in production that will be released in July and that he has been critical of Barack Obama. Others who have committed similar offenses were either ignored or treated less harshly than Mr. D’Souza. Al Gore and his Buddhist monks, Barack Obama and his illegal overseas donations and countless others have all been ignored.

D’Souza is different because he is a conservative who has been critical of Obama. Even if he broke the law (and if he did he deserves appropriate punishment – like a fine) it is hard to see how his indictment is not politically motivated given the regime has targeted others in the past. If Obama was as pure as the driven snow then this would appear above board but given that Valerie Jarrett has stated there will be hell to pay for those who were not with Barack and given that Obama has specifically abused his power and targeted his political enemies there is no way to credibly show that this is anything other than a politically motivated act.

If the US went after everyone who violated such laws there would be no question about motive but since the federal government picks and chooses who to go after (and they go after conservatives hard and ignore or treat lightly liberals) the only conclusion is that D’Souza was a target of a political takedown.

Remember that Obama ignored the illegal acts of ACORN and targeted the people who exposed them.

Now that guy is being targeted again as part of a political witch hunt in New York.

This is the new America. How long before the brown shirts are going home to home to get rid of the undesirables?

The Hollywood Reporter

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