The Hammer Hammers Back

Looks like Tom DeLay is not taking the indictments lying down. I guess he figures that two can play at the game so his lawyers filed suit charging the Travis County District Attorney, Ronnie Earle, with unlawfully participating in grand jury deliberations.

It would seem that Earle has been doing a few underhanded things to get his indictments. He has also pursued the fiasco after two Grand Juries refused to indict, even after he browbeat and coerced them. Word is, the third gave him the indictments after he became angry with them.

Two people familiar with the proceedings of the grand jury that “no- billed” DeLay said that Earle tried to persuade the grand jurors that DeLay tacitly approved the scheme and that the prosecutor became angry when they decided against an indictment. The people familiar with the proceeding insisted on anonymity because of grand jury secrecy.

From Breitbart

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2 Responses to “The Hammer Hammers Back”

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