The Guy Who Holds The Visas

It would appear that Mick Jagger is unaware that you should not tick off the host. It seems that he has booked a room (actually the whole floor) at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna, Austria and that George Bush wanted that room (and the rest of the floor) at the same time. Jagger said that he would not give up the rooms that he had already paid for. Now I have no problem with this. He reserved the place first and he decided that he wanted to keep the rooms so he is entitled. I think it was perfectly legitimate to do so. I do imagine though, he would have given up the rooms for the Queen (Gawd bless’er).

In any event, Mick should rethink how he is going about things. He has been out singing songs that are anti George Bush and he has been pretty vocal in his opposition to our actions in the War on Terror. Now he pretty much snubbed the most powerful leader in the world. All well and good but he is not a US citizen. He needs a passport to get in and out. He needs permission from the US government. Suppose GWB said well Mick, I was thinking about how I would have loved to stay at the Imperial but since you like it so much, you can stay there because there is no room at our inn. “Heh, heh, as we say in Texas Mick, you don’t have to go home but you can’t come here. Now get out before I have Dick show up with a shotgun.”

It would be kind of hilarious if the State Department revoked the Stones’ Visas just before they arrived for their next tour or concert. Seems that some people have forgotten that courtesy is a two way street.

Source: The Sun (UK)

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2 Responses to “The Guy Who Holds The Visas”

  1. N. Mallory says:

    Talk about your abuse of power. :P

  2. Big Dog says:

    Would be kinda funny though…..
    No, it is part of the universal health care that everyone wants. Mick and his boys should not be traveling at their ages. :devil_tb: