The Greatest Generation Gets A Deserved Welcome

The event depicted in this video occurred on 23 March of this year at Reagan National Airport. A gate attendant made a public announcement that a plane that had WWII veterans would be arriving and asked if people would like to help greet them (they were arriving to visit the WWII memorial). The nearly empty gate area swelled with people who applauded the veterans as they exited the plane.

It is nice to know that these veterans received the welcome they deserved. They are part of America’s greatest generation and they helped save the world from truly evil people.

Sadly, we lose a large number of them each and every day. It will not be long before all veterans of that war are gone so we owe it to them to let them know how much they are still appreciated.

Thank God for giving us such men and women.

God bless them and make their remaining days peaceful.

The Flash Mob at Gate 38…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “The Greatest Generation Gets A Deserved Welcome”

  1. Dave Mullen says:

    Thanks Much Big Dog,

    On the piece about the “Honor Flight”!
    My Dad served in the Navy, flying as a Gunner and Radio Operator
    in a PB4Y-2, version of Liberator, from Okinawa.. Vpb-124, the Squadron suffered 40% lose rate..
    Great to see people were willing to greet this veterans; maybe there is still hope for our Country!!

    Thanks again!!!! Well Done, to bring it to our attention..