The Great Satan

Just yesterday the people of the United Kingdom were celebrating the fact that London beat out Paris to host the 2012 Olympic games. Today, that win is the farthest thing from their minds. As everyone knows by now, cowards attacked London by detonating four explosive devices around the tube (subway system) one of which actually blew up a bus and mangling the occupants. No group has yet been identified as the perpetrators and, given the many out there who would commit such things, it is premature to speculate. The fact is however, it was an act of terrorists. It could be home grown ala McVey, local like the IRA or international like Al Qaeda. It really does not matter because a terrorist is a terrorist.

Like those who were wounded and killed on 9/11, the only crime today’s victims committed was that they went to work. These victims were not combatants, they were not out on a battlefield. These people got up this morning and went out to make a living, to provide for their families and to contribute to society. In the Garden of Eden Satan took the form of a serpent. Today, Satan is in the form of terrorists and unfortunately, Satan does not care how many innocent lives are sacrificed in order to advance his cause. Today makes Satan 3 for 3, 9/11, Madrid, and now London. It is now time for the rest of the world to get on board and help to send Satan back to hell.

The leaders of the world have been gathered in Scotland and are discussing ways to make the world a better place. They are trying to help poor countries and doing things like forgiving billions of dollars in debt so nations can build and prosper. They are discussing ways that people can live in a free world without living in fear. While they were working to make this a better place, Satan made it a little worse. As Surfside pointed out, this will likely backfire on Satan. The Brits are a tough people and they have weathered storms before. They are formidable foes and when they are mad they can fight like hell. They also know that they will not go it alone because we will have their backs.

Now what we need is for the rest of the free world, the countries headed by the people at that meeting in Scotland, to pitch in and put an end to this once and for all. The
time to unite is now. Those who vacillated when the US asked for help must now be resolute in their commitment to ending the reign of terror imposed upon the world by Satan in the name of of radical Islam and its followers who bastardize God’s message of love in order to slaughter the innocent. People around the world and our own political left need to wake up and understand that until we kill the terrorists and put and end to their mission of death and destruction, there will be no peace. There will be more 9/11s, more Madrids, and more Londons. If we stop now, if we roll over and play dead, if we run with out tails between our legs like Spain did, there will be more attacks because the terrorists will know that they are getting the response they want.

After Pearl Harbor Admiral Yamamoto called the US a sleeping Giant, the term Surfside quoted in her post. The US has been called the Great Satan by those who murder in God’s name. But we now see that the Great Satan is the terrorist networks who kill indiscriminately for an unjust cause. It is time for this Giant to awaken once again and stomp Satan back to hell where he belongs.

God bless our cousins in England. Our prayers are with you.

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