The Gorey Details

Al Gore has made a name for himself by touting pseudo-science involving global warming and along the way his “documentary” picked up an Oscar. It has been pointed out in the past that Al Gore pollutes more than the average person he is targeting. Al jets all over the world, he rides in lots and lots of cars all over the place and the Academy Award ceremony that he applauded for being green had limousines lined up to ferry stars all over. After his two appearances in the Kodak Theatre, where he begged everyone to join the fight against global warming, it has been learned that Al Gore’s mansion uses more electricity in a month than most houses use in a year.

A counter to that was released today that points out that Gore has purchased a little over $400 a month in “green” energy. He also drives a hybrid car so, the article points out, we should not be focusing our sights on him:

Rather than attacking one man — Gore — Johnson and his group should be taking a larger view and trying to make a difference to reduce global warming, Krider [Gore spokeswoman] said. Tennessean

Ms. Krider informs us that Gore’s 10,000 square foot home is going to have a larger carbon footprint than the average home. I guess what she means is, rich people live in big houses (called mansions) and they are going to use more than everyone else but they are rich so we should do what they say and not what they do. I have to disagree with this woman and her assertion that we should not be attacking one person but should be looking at the larger picture. We have every right to attack that one person because he is the one who is preaching to everyone.

No one would mention that Al Gore uses more electricity or heating fuel than most people if he had not run around the country giving speeches about global warming. no one would pay attention to him if he had not drawn attention to himself. Now that his film won an award it makes it even more appropriate that we investigate him deeper than most. You see, most Americans are not running around telling others how to live their lives and how to consume goods. Gore is and that means that his own habits are open to scrutiny. The irony is that the people who are out supporting this whole global warming myth are those who use the most resources.

This is typical for the elitist among us. John Edwards discusses his two Americas where the wealthiest live one kind of life and all the rest of us live a lesser existence. What he fails to mention and what probably never occurs to him, is that he lives in that very wealthy America. When he makes the claims he does people are going to become skeptical when he buys a home that is the largest and most expensive in his county. Likewise, people will be skeptical of Gore when he tells us all how to reduce what we use when he uses twenty times as much as the average family.

Do as I say and not as I do is common among the elitists in America. We see it from the Hollywood crowd and we see it from our elected officials who make laws that they are exempted from following. There are few in the so called ruling class who follow their own words. Whether they own stock in companies they portray as evil or employ non-union workers while pandering to unions, they thumb their collective noses every step of the way.

It is time we got rid of them and replaced them with people who want to make America better. As for Gore, we can ignore him. He might not go away but it will be more peaceful. I would recommend to him though, that if he wants to convince people he is serious he should sell his mansion and buy a small place that is very energy efficient. Maybe Dicaprio can move in with him and shut down his mansion as well.

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2 Responses to “The Gorey Details”

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  2. Al Bore–What a hypocrite! Color me “not surprised.”

    Somebody should make a movie entitled An Inconsistent Truth!