The Funeral Dirge Begins for Maryland

On Wednesday the state of Maryland will swear in his royal highness Martin O’Malley O’Money who will serve as the chief liberal and whiner in charge. The idiots, and I do mean idiots, in Baltimore City, Prince Georges County, and Montgomery County (as well as portions of Baltimore Country) elected this jackass to be Governor of this state. O’Money will bring to the state what he brought to the city, high crime, budget deficits, and a poor school system. Yep, O’Money’s city has averaged a murder a day so far this year. There have been more murders there than in my county all of last year. But O’Money has the solutions.

His solutions used to be whining and blaming all his woes on someone else, usually Governor Ehrlich. O’Money’s school system lost millions of dollars, no problem, his police force has been arresting blacks in disproportionate numbers and for no reason, he gave orders to fudge crime numbers, and his school system is in danger of losing money because of poor performance (under NCLB). This stellar performance is why the teacher’s union endorsed him. If they were too stupid to see how terrible his record is it is no wonder the school children are failing.

Well, his highness is talking now about increasing homeland security and keeping us safe from terrorists. The man who once said he was more afraid of George Bush than Osama bin Laden now wants us to think he cares about homeland security. He only cares that the federal government will give him money to spend and that is all he cares about. For years his people in the Maryland Transportation Authority made O’Money aware of security problems. Fences with holes, camera boxes with no cameras, and lights not functioning. The reports went unanswered for so long that one of those guys went higher. His reward was that he was placed on a detail away from the area, sat through several administrative hearings dealing with his performance and he eventually lost his job. When Godfather Martin wants you to be quiet you had better do so or a horse’s head will end up in your bed.

So his majesty will take the reigns on Wednesday and the black clouds will roll in. The state has raised the Emergency Status to level 3 so the emergency operations center will be partially activated. What could possibly warrant such overkill? This guy is not the Pope. He is not anyone even remotely important. In the overall scheme of things he is a piss ant not worth the time of day. Unfortunately, a bunch of really stupid people, many of whom live on government hand outs, decided to put him in office so they can get their gubmint checks. He might be insignificant but since he is a Democrat and has control of our money, he is dangerous.

Mark my words, this jackass will tax the hell out of us. So to all you folks from the Sheriff’s Association, the State Police, Santa Claus Anonymous and all the other agencies who call and ask for my money. Forget it. I will be looking for tax exempt places to invest it so that the dumb ass Governor can not get his hands on it.

I do hear Pennsylvania and Delaware are better places to live….

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