The Fuhrer Speaks in Germany

The Fuhrer
Sieg Heil!

The Fuhrer, Barack Obama, spoke in Berlin to a crowd of people who interrupted his speech nearly 30 times with applause as he described ways to make America weaker and to spend more of her money on Socialism. The Fuhrer drew applause for expressing a desire to rid the world of nuclear weapons because the uneducated believe that, like with gun control, everyone will disarm. He drew applause for committing to spending our money on the global economy and on the hoax of global warming. The Fuhrer was in full swing and though he said it was not a campaign speech it was.

He started off by playing the race card. He told everyone that he did not look like the other Americans who had spoken there. He also intertwined memories of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan in his speech so as to be on considered on the same level as they. He mentioned change, and hope as well as other catch phrases from his campaign like “this is our time.” For a Congressional fact finding mission this sure sounded like a campaign speech. I do not remember a fact finding mission ever having a speech of this magnitude in it so if it looks like a duck…

This was well staged to make Obama look like he has the credentials to run this country and that he is loved in Europe. We are supposed to come away thinking that Obama can unite the world and his speech addressed the global aspects of the world. He sounded like a one world order kind of guy. Obama mentioned how America was there for the Berlin airlift and how we got that wall removed. It is likely that these events would never have happened if Obama had been president at those moments in history because they were provocative and Obama wants to talk not provoke.

The interesting thing to me is that he came off looking like another speaker that drew large German crowds who interrupted him with applause. That speaker also talked about new world order and his party even has the word Socialist in it.

I was not impressed with the speech. It was a campaign speech designed to make a political hack with little experience look presidential. You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.


Big Dog

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12 Responses to “The Fuhrer Speaks in Germany”

  1. Reland1 says:

    This is so funny…it’s a shame it’s sooo true.Hey, Big Dog, can I put this on my web page? Let me know! RDM

    Reland1s last blog post..An Internationalist Primer

  2. Bunny Colvin says:

    “The Fuhrer”…more fear mongering. Don’t you people tire of the same old song and dance?

    Relafen- your page is a joke. And Yanni sucks.

  3. Reason says:

    Why hasn’t anyone asked “Who the hell is paying for this trip?”

    I mean it was supposedly a “fact finding” trip by a member of the Foreign Service Committee (though he’s done exactly dick as a member) and thus qualifies to be paid for by our tax dollars. However he’s campaigning on this trip and his campaign should be footing the bill for campaign trips.

  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    How can he be campaigning in a countries full of people whom can’t vote in U.S. elections? An unreasonable argument from you, as usual.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary

  5. Big Dog says:

    The people who can vote fro him were seeing all this on TV. This was PR to be used in the campaign. You know, like sending out donation emails right after the speech. It provides good film for ads.

    You must be a whiz in court.

  6. Bunny Colvin says:

    I am, I assure you.

    Will any future McSame trips to foriegn countries be considered “campaigning”?

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary

  7. Big Dog says:

    Wouldn’t it depend on what he was doing? When he visited Iraq he took a Congressional delegation and visited with the troops. No different than what Obambi did. However, McCain does not take the MSM with him when he visits the wounded.

    If he tried what Obama did I would expect him to be told the same thing. However, Obama’s campaign paid for his trip to Germany so that should tell you what he was doing.

    Right, all cops are whizzes in court because they lie and the judges rarely call them on it. Been to too many court cases to see it any other way. Most cops I know say they don’t let facts get in the way. You are like that as well.

  8. Bunny Colvin says:

    We chall see if the MSM accompanies McSame on upcoming troop visits. The smart $$$ says they do.

    Easy on the police or they might come after YOU…

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  9. Big Dog says:

    I am willing to bet they might follow him NOW so they can say they are not biased. They never went with him before. We are talking about the major anchors, the press has a pool that goes on these things but not like they did with the Messiah.

    I don’t worry about the police. But this makes my point. They come after people critical of them. The bloggers have a right to say what they want but if it hurts some cop’s feelings he gets his panties in a wad.

  10. Bunny Colvin says:

    Oh, because they wouldn’t have accompanied McSame had he gone over there first? I know plenty about the press pool. They were an integral part of getting George W. Bush hog elected. Turd Blossum played them like bitches. The foreign press covers Obama more than McSame because he it is in their best interest to do so. Most of their readers want Obama elected to end the cycle of endless war, xenophobia, fear mongering and torture that the repukes have been pushing since 9/11.

    Agreed on this frivolous lawsuit. For once, you are correct. Now don’t answer when the burly dudes in dark suits and sunglasses come knocking on your door.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free

  11. Big Dog says:

    McCain has been there 9 times and it has been years since Obambi was there. They did not accompany him then. The MSM is supposed to be unbiased and yet they give to Democrats 100 to 1 in donations. Their coverage is not unbiased and their readership is faltering (and viewership) badly. They should provide equal coverage. But I really don’t care because I know how they are. Just tell Pelosi and the rest to shut their yaps when it comes to a fairness doctrine.

    If the guys with dark suits and sunglasses show up they will fall backwards with a gaping hole in their heads. And I don’t miss.

  12. Bunny Colvin says:

    McSame has visited a lot of places more times than Obama, you or me. He’s an f’n dinosaur.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Help the Poor while Expanding your Vocabulary…For Free