The French Display Weakness Again

I have been having an interesting banter with some commenters at Blog Critics (one of whom thinks they lowered the standards to let me write there) and the discussion turned to the French and there were a number of posts about their weakness. Some folks defended them as if they conquered the world.

Several weeks ago the French announced that they would not recognize the war on terror. Despite the troubles they had all Summer with terrorists and despite the bombings throughout the EU, they have simply stated that there is no war on terror. Now there is word that they are backing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the nuclear debate. The French have asked that the consideration of sanctions be lifted!

President Jacques Chirac has broken ranks with the US and Britain by calling for the suspension of UN Security Council action against Iran during negotiations over its nuclear programme.

In a radio interview yesterday before flying to New York for the UN General Assembly, the French President provoked a diplomatic storm by backing Iran’s demand that the Security Council should halt its involvement in the nuclear dossier.

60 Minutes - President Ahmadinejad (August 13, 2006)

The French just committed a major sin in that they showed weakness to the terrorists. They will regret that. The one thing that guarantees attack by the terrorists is showing them you are weak or not willing to fight. Bill Clinton’s weakness with regard to the attacks throughout his two terms in office led to our attack on 9/11. The complete withdrawal from Somalia after the Blackhawk down incident sealed the deal.

I guess this should settle the argument about the French. They have no balls and they are weak appeasers who can not be trusted. The only poetic justice would be if Iran develops nukes and drops the first one in Paris. I mean, if they are going to launch one it might as well hit the people who helped them.

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