The Food Nazis Are At It

A school in North Carolina had state inspectors visit and those inspectors were there to ensure that students had every part of a nutritious meal in their packed lunches. Each student was required to display the lunch his parent, THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THE CHILD EATS, packed and then, if the meals were deemed not to meet nutritional standards, the children had to get food from the school.

One little girl had a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips. She did not have a vegetable so her meal was not worthy of the food Nazis and she was forced to take food from the school. That meal consisted of chicken nuggets and a vegetable. She ate several of the nuggets but not the vegetable. To top it off, it looks like she will be charged for the meal.

The school will do the same for all children if their lunches are not up to the standards demanded by the food Nazis. Children will be charged (they have food accounts at the school) for food they did not ask for because the food Nazis deemed the food their parents packed for them insufficient.

This is absolutely ridiculous and smacks of a police state. Parents are responsible for their children and schools have no business being involved in what parents pack for their children to eat.

It looks to me as if the school is trying to increase its numbers in the school lunch program to increase the amount of money the federal government will provide which will also, of course, increase the number of union employees needed to dole out those lunches. It is obvious that the health of the students is not a concern because the school provided the food and the child did not eat it. She was not forced to eat it, she only had to have it so she could throw it away…

No matter what the reason is that this is taking place, the school and the food Nazis have no business checking lunches brought in by students.

Parents need to put a stop to this right now before it gets even further out of hand.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Food Nazis Are At It”

  1. Ferd Berfel says:

    If the food nazis were the greatest of our problems, we would be fortunate!