The Flag Amendment And Jackass Senators

Today, the US Senate disgraced itself by failing to vote for a Flag Desecration Amendment. The vote failed by one to get the two thirds required to send it on. While I expect Democrats to vote against the Flag there are three Republicans who voted against it. These three people need to be defeated the next time they are up for election. The American Legion has been very involved in this issue and I am not sure if the Legion donates to political campaign but if they ever donate money to any Senator who voted against this they will lose my support, my dues, and the dues of any other person i can persuade to quit the organization.

There are mixed feelings about this from many people. There are those who mistakenly think that Flag burning is free speech. The Supreme Court got it wrong, burning a Flag is an act. Even if we allow that it is “speech” there are many acts that would qualify as speech that are prohibited. People who burn crosses on their own property are arrested for hate crimes, and I bet if a neo Nazi group had swastikas all over their property they would have to remove them. The symbols of religion that people keep in some workplaces are removed (only Christian symbols) because they are not allowed the same “free speech” though the very same Amendment allows them to not have the practice of religion by them restricted. And if you really want to see how some items are not protected speech, go out and say that you want to kill the President.

There are Senators who voted against this because they think they will be voting to take away someone’s right under the Constitution. Many years ago the Supreme Court ruled that taxes were unconstitutional. So the Congress passed and states ratified (what were they thinking) the 16th Amendment that allowed the Congress to collect taxes. They were not worried about taking away someone’s rights that the Supreme Court said existed (the right no to be taxed). They changed the Constitution to screw all wage earners and that has morphed into only rich wage earners. The Amendment would not have made it illegal to destroy a Flag. It stated that Congress shall have the right to make laws prohibiting the desecration of the Flag.

There are those like Hillary Clinton who said we do not need the Amendment because they can just pass legislation making it illegal. What kind of lawyer is this dipstick? The Supreme Court said that laws against Flag desecration were unconstitutional so without the Amendment the law would AGAIN be overturned. This was smoke and mirrors by an idiot who only wants to be President. She either knows what I just said or she is not smart enough to be in office.

Chaffee, RI, Bennet, UT, and McConnell, KY are the three Republicans who voted against it. Any one of them would have been the vote needed to send this on. Nearly 90% of Americans want this Amendment and these three decided that they knew better than Americans. As for the Democrats who voted against this, I have some advice for you. The next time you are pushing for something like pulling out of Iraq or some social BS program and you are about to say “polls show that most Americans want this.” Stop and take a deep breath because you don’t give a rat’s ass what most Americans think. You only care about your pathetic careers sucking of the teat of the taxpayer while doing nothing good for this country.

I knew I could count on the idiots from Maryland to vote Nay. Sarbanes and Mikulski both voted no. Sarbanes is a stealth Senator and is retiring this year, thank God. Mikulski, on the other hand, is always running her mouth about some liberal moonbat program. But around election time she runs around with a bunch of 90 year old veterans and makes TV commercials telling everyone how much she has done for them. She wants us to believe that she actually cares. She voted against what many of those veterans fought to protect. You let the enemy over run a position and take the American Flag and burn it up and every person who voted Nay would be talking about how terrible it was but let a jackass burn one in the street here in the USA and it is free speech.

Every day Flags are bought from the Congress and they are run up Flag poles to make them “official.” These Senators who voted Nay will provide this service to their constituents. I would not have a flag with the name of any one of these people on it if they paid me all the money in the treasury to take it. They are a disgrace who only claim to support our troops and what they are doing.

So we need to go back to my original plan. Every locality that wants this Amendment should just impose a Flag burning permit fee of $10,000 per Flag that can only be burned on private property. There is no law that says the government can not require permits, they require them for every little thing as it is. So we make it a really high price and if a person burns a Flag without a permit they get 6 months in jail for failure to get a permit. That gets around this whole issue and deters idiots from desecrating our Flag.

Does it surprise anyone that Kerry, Kennedy, and Clinton voted against. The surprise is Reid voted for.
Just to add insult to injury. During the ILLEGAL immigrant protests earlier this year, a man was arrested for burning a Mexican flag. So much for his right to “free speech.”

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Does it surprise anyone that Kerry, Kennedy, and Clinton voted against. The surprise is Reid voted for.

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2 Responses to “The Flag Amendment And Jackass Senators”

  1. Bosun says:

    Well said, I could not add any more. We are destroying our country from within.