The Fat bully On The Playground

All kids know the bully. The bully is the one who makes threats, strikes (or tries to) an imposing figure and intimidates people usually without much physical contact. Anytime bullies fight they usually beat up the smallest wimpiest kid as a message to others.

Bullies usually stop bullying when one of the bullied stand up to them and beat the hell out of them, usually.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is the fat bully on the playground even though he looks like he has never been in a real fight in his life. In fact, he does not look like he can do much of anything but roll around making threats. He is also a tyrant who uses rocket propelled grenades and missiles to murder people he dislikes.

This fat kid got away with a lot over the years. He would do things that involved provoking Obama and when Obama refused to capitulate the fat kid did more.

This little fat bully from North Korea is once again raising a stink and running his mouth in order to bully other nations (particularly the US) into giving him what he wants (though it is anyone’s guess as to what that is). I assume that some of what he wants involves respect but there is no way to respect a little booger eating moron who is not fit to lead party goers in a rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

But Kim rants and raves and makes preposterous claims about how his missile program is great and he will use nuclear weapons to attack America. He has even threatened to attack a US aircraft carrier.

This little bully thinks he is still dealing with Barack Obama, a kid who can be pantsed on the playground with impunity. Kim should watch out because he is dealing with Donald Trump a man who is no stranger to the tactics of bullying and who is quite unpredictable.

If that little fat moron in North Korea attacks in any way (though honestly, his missiles blow up on launch or drop into the sea) then it is highly likely President Trump will retaliate in kind and then that fat kid will find out what the real world has evolved into while he was discovering gunpowder.

I would not be surprised if any attack included a missile landing wherever Kim happens to be. The best thing we can do would be to decapitate the power in North Korea and it would be best to do it by ending Kim and all his top advisors. I imagine the word of his demise would stop his Army from invading the South but if not we can carpet bomb the DMZ until they too are gone.

Bullies are best dealt with by attacking them and fighting them.

We should make sure we end Kim as part of any response to his bullying.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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