The Facts Don’t Matter When It Comes To Race Baiting

The facts in any case that involves race baiting never matter so long as the narrative stays on course and that narrative is always that some minority (usually a black person) has been wronged by some white person and it is all because racism is alive and well in America.

There are plenty of examples of this each and every day. Any time a black person is involved in some issue where he has been harmed or killed the race baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson come out of the woodwork to tell us how the guy with a rap sheet as long as the Nile was a good person who was on his way to Bible study when some racist white cop (or any racist white person like a white Hispanic named Zimmerman) walked up and shot, stabbed, choked, whatever this person because of racism.

There is never an uproar when blacks kill other blacks (93% of the black murders come this way) or if a black attacks a white. No, the only outrage is the rare occasion when a black person is killed by a white person particularly a cop.

In Ferguson MO a black man described (after his death) as a gentle giant was shot and killed by a police officer after said giant robbed a store of cheap cigars (to make blunts with no doubt). The giant was told by the officer to get out of the street, an order that was ignored. About this time the call goes out about the robbery and the cop thinks this might be the guy. As the cop tries to get out of the car he is attacked by the giant who tries to take the cop’s firearm and a round discharges in the vehicle. The cop is able to get out of the car and tell the fleeing criminal to stop. The criminal turns to come after the cop who shoots him a number of times until he falls down and dies.

A witness said the giant was surrendering and had his hands up. That narrative went viral and the world was told about the racist cop who shot a gentle giant who had his hands up. That story started to fall apart but the race baiters kept it up. The big claim that they tried to impress upon us was that this black man was UNARMED as if that makes a difference.

Folks, unarmed does not me harmless. The guy was big and strong and he tried to take a cop’s gun. He was dangerous without a weapon but at the time the cop did not know if this thug was armed. We all get to say wow, he was unarmed because they did not find a weapon on him but when he was attacking the cop the cop did not know that the guy was unarmed. He knew he was attacked, the guy tried to take his gun and the guy charged him after being told to stop and get down on the ground.

All of this is not in dispute. Plenty of eyewitnesses have come forward to verify what the cop said happened and it is certain the giant was not surrendering when he was shot. In addition to eyewitnesses the coroner (several actually) has determined that the giant’s arms were not up when he was shot.

The people pushing the race narrative say that does not matter. The hands up, don’t shoot mantra to them is symbolic of the struggles that blacks, particularly black men, have had against the racist police. They now claim it does not matter if the giant had his hands up and it really does not matter that he was attacking. No, all that matters is they have an agenda to push and they must prove that this giant, the guy with a long criminal record including an arrest for murder, was a good person who fell victim to a racist white cop.

This is the problem with a victim society. When government puts people on a plantation and forces them to live as slaves to government while telling them all the bad things happening to them are because they are victims of racism then these folks begin to believe they are victims. No amount of logic and no evidence whatsoever is enough to get these folks to see the light.

So as victims they riot and burn their town to the ground. And since they are victims of everything they will most certainly demand that the people who were victims (real victims) of their rioting rebuild so they have places to shop and a town once again. It takes nerve but victims feel entitled to everything in society so these folks feel entitled to burn the place down and then they feel entitled to have it rebuild for them.

Screw them. Bulldoze the entire place and make them live without. Force them to live with what they caused until THEY can afford to rebuild the place they destroyed.

Then again, that might be asking a bit too much.

Remember, to these folks the facts do not matter…

As an aside, Al Sharpton should be busy working to pay off the millions he owes in taxes instead of inciting violence.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “The Facts Don’t Matter When It Comes To Race Baiting”

  1. Barbara says:

    You are absolutely right. A black Pastor even made a video posted on youtube telling the protestors how stupid they are. This man told it like It is. Teaparty and Western Journal has it on their site too.

  2. Blake says:

    You are right- the facts do not matter to someone who WANTS to believe the race baiters. You cannot argue facts with someone who is willfully ignorant.

  3. Ida says:

    It was never about race in my eyes. I swear if the cop was black and the kid was white (and all other circumstances the same), I still be in favor of the police. Unfortunately, not all of my friends agree. I was actually unfriended by a former co-worker for calling this 6’5″ 280 lb “kid” a thug.

    • Big Dog says:

      Unfortunately Ida, everything these days is blamed on race when the reality it is about responsibility. And if some one unfriended you I guess they were not really a friend after all.

      Thanks for commenting. Future comments should not be moderated now that you have one approved