The Eye Of The Tiger


It pains me to write this because by doing so it once again forces me to look into the eyes of evil, into the dark void that makes up some of the vilest people in the world, those who would hurt children.

The Edgewood (MD) Tigers (formerly the Steelers) is a youth football program that has about 300 youngsters who play in the various age groups. It also consists of youngsters who are part the cheer squads. These youngsters participate in a program that teaches them responsibility, teamwork, community service (they do some of the work on their fields and equipment) and it helps them to remain focused and stay out of trouble.

As we all know, trouble is around every corner tempting our youth.

My oldest grandson plays for one of the teams and I have been to practice and game alike (though not as many as I would like) and I have seen a group of boys work together to form a team. I have seen them experience victory and defeat alike and handle both with class. I have seen boys who give 150% regardless of the score or their season record and a cheer squad that is as enthusiastic when they are losing as it is when they are winning.

I have seen a program that consists of parent volunteers who give of themselves to give their children something they can participate in and be proud of.

It looks like this groups of parents and children will have to overcome adversity off the field as they have all been the victims of cruelty that is hard to comprehend.

Last weekend (sometime Friday I believe) some person or persons **broke into the containers where the teams store their equipment and stole brand new pads and footballs as well as other items. What was not taken was set on fire and destroyed. Then to add insult to injury they used the paint that is for the field and painted all over the bleachers and containers.

What possesses someone to do this and what possesses them to do this to children?


To be sure, none of the children were physically harmed but they were harmed nonetheless. How do you answer the question; “what did we ever do to anyone to make them do this?”

You all did nothing to anyone kids.

The unfortunate reality is that you are learning another life lesson and that is there are some bad people in this world. I’m sure you knew that but now you see it firsthand.

They have no regard for you or anyone else. They are morally bankrupt and lack decency and there is no excuse for what they did.

There is however, another important life lesson for all of you in this program. You will have choices in your lives and what you decide to do will define you. As you go through life remember what happened here and strive to make good choices. Remember that the things you do can affect others so do things that have a positive effect.

Also remember the outpouring of support from those who are contributing and working to get your program back on track. When you get older remember the help you got and pay that forward by helping others when they are in need.

Folks, the football season starts for these kids on 29 August. There is insurance but it is unlikely that will all be settled quickly. The team has established a Go Fund Me account and is looking for donations to help them over the hump.

If you are able to help I know the team would appreciate it. If you can’t help financially the team could sure use your prayers. I know they would appreciate that just as much.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “The Eye Of The Tiger”

  1. Barbara says:

    God Bless the Children. Hope all will help. This is terrible. Hope whoever did this is found and punish to full extent of the law.