The Enemy Within, Helping The Bully

President Bush recently said the following:

“Withdrawing our troops would make the world more dangerous, and make America less safe. To leave Iraq now would be to repeat the costly mistakes of the past that led to the attacks of September the 11th, 2001. The terrorists saw our response to the hostage crisis in Iran, the bombings in the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the first World Trade Center attack, the killing of American soldiers in Somalia, the destruction of two U.S. embassies in Africa, and the attack on the USS Cole. The terrorists concluded that we lacked the courage and character to defend ourselves, and so they attacked us.” From Lost Adam

Over at Blogs for Bush there is a quote from a Marine who is serving on the front lines:

Thanks for doing this. The battlefield this weekend will be on the homefront. The only thing that truly concerns me is that the seditionist groups will succeed in causing the American people to lose their will and the enemy will win politically the victory we have denied them militarily. Let there be no mistake: we are winning here. Morale is outstanding and we are successfully taking the fight to the enemy. You will see a successful referendum in less than 3 weeks and a successfull election in less than 3 months. I see the positive resuts of our actions everyday. The MSM ignores or denigrates almost every piece of positive news, exaggerates every negative and makes the enemy and his actions out to be more than they are. They absolutely cannot defeat us militarily and have no strategic vision except the destruction of all who oppose them. A strategy based on such a negative is doomed to fail, unless we cut and run.

The anti-war protesters and the rest of the naysayers do not seem to comprehend these ideas. Whether it is from misguided ideas or the thought of short term notoriety, their positions are dangerous to our country. The war against terrorism is much like a story of a school yard bully.

The bully selects a target and threatens him. Today he wants his books carried to class under the threat of physical harm. The target has two choices, resist and face possible harm or submit and do what is demanded. After the target submits, the bully becomes emboldened and soon is demanding the person’s lunch, money, and personal property. There are others who are aware of what is going on but it does not affect them so they are not worried. They could get together and confront the bully. A show of strength that would cause him to rethink his actions. Instead they stand idly by while a select few are bullied everyday. With no one to stop him the bully begins to spread out his reign of terror and one day those who sat idly by become the next targets.

What would the outcome be if the group had confronted the bully in the first place? If they stood united against his activities? Perhaps he would get more of his bully friends and that threat would need to be challenged. Perhaps he would realize that the terror was not worth the effort. In any event, the bully would have to pay for his actions. Eventually, enough people will stand up to him to make him stop what he is doing. If however, the group decides to stop resisting the bully will become even more emboldened and they will all become targets because he will know he has broken their resolve to resist his tyranny. Even if reistance took a while and caused people harm, this approach is preferable to allowing the bully unfettered reign over others. Action will eventually produce results. Inaction NEVER WILL.

I hope the American people were watching the war protests this weekend, just long enough to realize that these people are a threat to the safety and security of our great country. It is OK to dissent but when that dissent helps the enemy then it is wrong. I believe part of John Kerry’s failure in the last Presidential election was his participation in anti-war activities during the Vietnam War.

You are either with us or against us. We will make no distinction between those who would do us harm whether they live outside our boundaries or within our borders.

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14 Responses to “The Enemy Within, Helping The Bully”

  1. smitty says:

    At noon eastern time today on c-span is the pro America Rally by Move America Forward But you would not know this bt reading any of the blogs. The blogs on the right seem to be doing a very good job of ignoring Melanie Morgan and making sure no one hears of her efforts to support the troops. But the blogs on the right are doing an excellent job of covering the Anti American protests

  2. Big Dog says:

    Wow, on C-Span! How many major news outlets provided any coverage, or coverage of the magnitude that has been accorded the anti-war protests.

    And this would go to my argument that the group can sit idly by and watch the bullies or they can act.

    Hard choice for the left, Support our troops or anti-war.

  3. mark patterson says:

    have worked at the v.a. here for 29 yrs, BOY YOU WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT THE BOYS ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS “WAR” AND BUSH, NOT GOOD AT ALL. YOU SEE,THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SEEING THE LIE AND THE LIAR WHO TOLD THEM. there were no weapons of mass destruction,not one nuclear,chemical or biological one ever found. “saddam was not poised to attack us,ever”, so who murdered 1900,wounded 50,000 in a illegal,bogus war, was it cindy sheehan, i think not. this is the same old vietnam crap all over again, and the 60,000 died for nothing, and with no exit plan we are killing guys for nothing, so arm chair warriors can dream of “victory”,.america is waking up to this crap, we want a EXIT STRATEGY NOW,GET IT

  4. Big Dog says:

    Evidently you did not read my site or look at the picture. Your assertion of armchair warrior is unfounded if you were directing to me.

    I know that you have spoken to every wounded person in all the hospitals. I am sure there are some that do not like it. They followed their orders. If they did not anticipate being in harm’s way why join the service? As for the WMD, you and the rest keep spewing mindless prattle about lies. All credible intelligence agencies said they were there. He used them on the Kurds and Iranians. We have no evidence they were destroyed so where are they?

    Go back to your kool-aid fest with Sheehan and the rest of the mindless drones.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Well Smitty, you little troll. Seems you have been making the circuit of conservative blogs and posting the exact same message. Where did you get it? The DNC talking points or did you make it up on your own.

    I thought you visited and were original but you are just trolling around after your tetrahydrocannabinol protest buzz from yesterday wore off. Put on your love beads, sandals and tie dyed jeans and go smoke some more of that good stuff with your aged hippie moon bat friends.

  6. Adam says:

    “Hard choice for the left, Support our troops or anti-war.”

    Speaking of “mindless prattle” I love the way you just keep on connecting the idea that supporting “anti-war” means not supporting the troops. Give it a rest.

    How on earth are we “a threat to the safety and security of our great country?”

  7. Big Dog says:

    It is a logical conclusion. If the troops see anti-war protests as hurting them then conducting the protests is not supporting the troops. But then I guess with all your experience you know a bit more about it than the Marine who was quoted. He should just stop his mindless prattle?

    If your actions are viewed by our enemies as support for their cause then you are a danger.

  8. Adam says:

    Logical conclusion? Doesn’t a logical conclusion usually mean there is logic involved? Yours seems to involve more of your history and opinion as a soldier than it does any logical conclusion. Let’s look at a few things here that you state.

    First off, you say it is wrong because we are either with you or against you.

    Well, surprise. A majority of Americans are against the war in Iraq, think we are spending too much for it, dislike the way George W. Bush is handling the situation there, think it was a mistake to send troops in the first place, and believe we should begin a slow withdrawal process right now. It’s just like John Kerry said. Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time. So the logical conclusion here is that a majority of Americans are against you.

    Second, you say it is wrong because the soldiers see the protests as hurting them.

    Soldiers do their job and carry out their duty to our country. Nobody faults them for that. However, show me information to back up your claim that they see the anti-war protests as hurting them. You’ll need more than a quote to make a logical conclusion here.

    Third, you say that this kind of dissent helps the enemy and that that makes it wrong.

    So I guess now you have the right to judge what is good and bad dissent. Better than that you can judge what dissent helps and hurts our enemy. It is very kind of you to tell me so I don’t make a mistake and accidentally side with an enemy of this great nation. From now on I’ll only exercise the good kind of dissent, called apathy. That’s what logic tells me I should do from your statements.

    My conclusion is that exercising our freedom of dissent against this war is a threat to the job of the soldiers in Iraq not because they are there protecting our freedoms, but instead because they are there to protect our oil supplies.

  9. Big Dog says:

    You and your asinine oil supply theory. Where is all the freaking oil if that is the case.

    Time and again I read stories by soldiers that say the war protests are viewed by them as a lack of support. I talk to more of them than you will ever meet and time and again I hear the same thing.

    A majority of the people surveyed, and that is the key, support your assertions. Besides people can only give an opinion based on their knowledge. Any knowledge they obtain from the MSM is corrupt and inaccurate.

    As for the dissent. You do what you want. If the enemy benefits from it then it can be on you. I don’t think we would have tolerated this in WWII. You can dissent, you can say the war is wrong. To say bad things about our leadership is a sign to the rest of the world. John Kerry does not know a right war from a wrong one. He only knows how to exploit them for political gain.

    If you are worried about cost then we should stop paying for hurricane damage. That is not a federal responsibility. We can save a lot of money from the hands of the democrats down there who only know corruption. They are milking the pork bucket on this one and we will all have to pay for that. Oh, you want selective tax disbursement. Some to victims, none to war. Well, like your idea of dissent, it will not happen that way. It goes to many places, but only one of the two is Constitutionally protected (and it isn’t hurricane payments).

  10. Adam says:

    “Time and again I read stories by soldiers that say the war protests are viewed by them as a lack of support.”

    Not proof. Show me.

    “A majority of the people surveyed, and that is the key, support your assertions.”

    What does that mean?

    “If the enemy benefits from it then it can be on you.”

    How could the enemy benifit?

    “That is not a federal responsibility.”

    No, it’s a moral one.

  11. Big Dog says:

    It means the people surveyed, who were they and how many. The reason a number support your claim is that they were the right ones surveyed. There are millions of people in this country and they base a poll on a few thousand.

    Remember what polls did for John Kerry.

    If the protesters make the enemy think our resolve has weakened and attack….

    There is nothing in the Constitution that says we have to do something because it is moral. Not aborting babies is a moral thing to do but that does not stop you guys from supporting the abortions. Like I said though, we can pay until someone tries to raise my taxes, then the money train is shut off.

  12. Surfside says:

    Adam, did you watch the FNC’s “Company of Heroes?” One of the soldiers interviewed in the piece said that the soldiers worry that they are not supported when they hear about protests stateside. These were not his exact words, but the same sentiment. I still have the program on TiVo, but don’t have a writable DVD player. If I did, I would send you a file of the show segment. Unfortunately, I don’t know how else to prove it. I hope you will just take my word for it.

  13. Surfside says:

    The question regarding protest is: What, exactly, is the purpose? Most leaders in both parties agree that we must remain in Iraq and finish the job. Anything less would embolden the insurgency. So, why are you arguing that the protests do not benefit the enemy? The air these senseless protests on Al-Jazeera and any web or airwaves for which they have an ally. They use it as recruitment: “Look. Usama was right. The Americans will turn tail and run. Come out and support the jihad!” And, the violence continues and escalates. (It’s not bad for fund raising, either.) It’s about time the protesters took some responsibility for encouraging the insurgency.

    One can dissent without protest. One can dissent through the proper political channels. These protesters just enjoy the spotlight, celebrity attention and their 15 minutes of fame. Some doubtlessly believe in their cause also; but, many (like Sheehan) are just grandstanding.

    Frankly, I find offensive that they portray themselves as speaking on behalf of the dead soldiers. The majority of those fine men and women believed in what they were doing and gave their lives for the cause.

  14. Surfside says:

    As to how the troops feel about protests vis-a-vis media coverage and it’s impact, our fellow blogger Timm did one-on-one interview with a Marine in Iraq. Link over and read what he says about the subject.