The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

Years ago the Iranian government and the US had a good relationship. The some radical Islamic fundamentalist males between the ages of 17 and 45 took Americans hostage. We have been kind of on the outs with them since that time. Then, Iran went to war with Iraq. We supported Iraq because we did not want Iran to win. These two went at it for nearly a decade and a lot of people were killed. They seemed to have a genuine hatred for each other.

Fast forward to the first Gulf War and we kick Hussein and his boys around and give Kuwait back to the rightful owners. Iran was on the outskirts looking for a way to take advantage of a weakened Iraq all the while cursing America for attacking a brother. With Gulf II we have a whole new set of rules. People we thought were our allies were against action mostly because they were lining their pockets with money in an oil for food scandal. We went in because of intelligence that indicated Hussein had WMD and despite the left’s assertions that the administration lied, we just did not find what we know was there.

What has all this to do with Iran? The US has been finding Iranian weapons in Iraq. We have found explosives and weapons that without question came from Iran. Iran is arming the terrorists who are resisting the coalition forces. While I would not be opposed to telling Iran to stay home or get a butt whipping, I understand that there are other ways to handle this. We should fly drones along the borders and kill anything that crosses. We should put our special forces in the area and kill anything that crosses. We should ensure that any person or persons who try to enter Iraq from Iran are killed. Are we getting the picture?

If we start killing the people supplying the arms they will stop bringing them. If we still have problems we can send the Israelis in to bomb the weapons plant. They seem to have success with those kinds of things. The left has been screaming about how we want to go to war with Iran and Scott Ritter said it would happen by the end of June. Everyone was wrong but I will say that Iran is not helping its cause by sending weapons in and ticking us off.

If we have success securing that border then maybe we can bring those folks back here and get them to secure our own borders. Kill them as they cross. It tends to deter them more than deportation and in the case of terrorists it sends them to meet the Allah. After all, isn’t that what they really want?

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The claims of Iranian weapons have not yet been independently verified.

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One Response to “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend”

  1. Surfside says:

    I would even take it one step further. Iran has already unofficially declared war upon the United States by arming and enabling the insurgency/terrorists in Iraq. They have already fired the first shot across our bow by thumbing their nuclear noses at our/UN’s/EU’s request to cease and desist.

    In my opinion, the Bush administration has acted with considerable restraint where Iran is concerned. They are giving every chance to this rogue country to tow the global line. Ultimately, they hope for a revolution from within. If we are lucky, the Iranians will “wise up” and stop testing our limits.