The Emily Letts Abortion Video

Emily Letts is an abortion councillor in Cherry Hill, NJ who had her own abortion filmed.
What’s so disturbing is that when the abortion procedure began, Letts wore a beaming smile and even let out a giggle as she stated gleefully stated lines like:
‘I’m a lucky girl’
‘I don’t feel sad’
‘I’m not a bad person’
‘I can make a life’
‘The whole experience, “will always be a special memory for me’
She also called it a baby – not a fetus – and said she will keep the sonogram of the (NOW DEAD) baby as a memento.

Many people have commented on this – it’s been well covered.
I, however, would only add this – she utterly PROVES something I’ve said for a while now:

Conservatives love life.
Liberals love Death.
That’s the difference between us.


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3 Responses to “The Emily Letts Abortion Video”

  1. reddit says:

    I wonder how long your neckbeard is, and how high your fedora sits.

  2. Blake says:

    No matter how the left tries to spin it, once the sperm meets the egg, it is a HUMAN BEING, and can be nothing else, so “fetus” is just a grammatical way of avoiding the blame for a murder.