The Donks Just Keep On Trying

I have heard that the democratic ticket of John Edwards and John Kerry have posted a request to have people send in money to support their recount efforts in Ohio. It would seem the Federal Election Commission has granted them permission to raise money to cover recount expenses. We all know that the recounts will yield the same results as they did in 2000 and that is that BUSH WON!

This is a blatant attempt by the donks to somehow cast a shadow of doubt on the Bush win and maybe cast doubt on the legitimacy of his presidency. They are unhappy with the resounding win Bush enjoyed and the mandate that comes from such a win. They will do anything they can to discredit that mandate. The sad part is they will play their supporters for the suckers they are and swindle more money from them.

I would like to know where the $15 million that Kerry had left went and why this will not cover a recount. I would also like to know why John Kerry could see that he could not win Ohio on election day but now feels it is worthwhile to try. He did not want to put the country through another debacle like 2000, in all honesty an honorable gesture, but now wants to start a recount which will prove divisive. I say to let things stand and get on with the business of governing this country. Kerry has been out of the Senate for quite some time, and spends little time there when not campaigning, so he needs to stop this foolishness and get to work. Perhaps he had better start earning that big salary the taxpayers pay him and stop cheating us or maybe next senatorial election he will be unemployed. Remember folks, he is a Massachusetts Senator but his salary comes from the taxes we all pay. We deserve better for our money so let’s all demand that John Kerry get back to work and stop his gold bricking.

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