The Donks Had A Game Plan

Most thinking people knew before the Roberts confirmation hearings that the donks were going to oppose him no matter what. He could have written the Constitution and he was going to be shot down if the “fair” guys on the other side had anything to do with it. It would seem that for all the claims of being fair and trying to work with the other side the fact is the donks don’t like being out of power and they act like spoiled little children when they are.

We all knew that there would be Senators who would not vote for Roberts and, despite their claims about waiting for the facts, they made up their minds before Roberts was selected. Chuck Schumer, former JOTM, said as much on a cell phone on the train. Hillary Clinton says it is too big of a chance to take on a guy we know little about. Barbra Mikulski says there are too many questions to give him a yes vote. Folks, these idiots had their minds made up long, long ago and I predicted right here that the two clowns from New York would vote no.

Schumer is worried that Roberts will uphold the law according to the Constitution. Perhaps that worries him since his people were the ones who broke the law in illegally obtaining Michael Steel’s Credit Report. Maybe he is worried because his people then destroyed the evidence. Better vote against the guy who might have to rule on your illegal activities.

Clinton is worried that too much about Roberts is unknown. She was happy that America chose an unknown governor to be President in 1992. She did not tell us that no one really knew her hubby so they should vote against him. I believe that she was telling us to give him a chance. Too bad she is not affording Roberts the same courtesy, especially when you consider that he is a much more decent human being than the man Hillary was hawking for.

Mikulski says she thought about it and the answer is no. She says she is worried about Roberts opinions and he did not express his beliefs. He seemed to present himself as a decent human being but that was not good enough to overcome the dementia. She could not vote for a decent man but found no problem voting for Ginsburg who had opinions out there that were very far left and bordering on scary. Babs voted for her and thought it was a wonderful vote. This should tell you the kind of values that Mikulski has.

Now we are hearing stories that Leahy felt crossed up by Harry Reid. Seems that Reid said no one on the left was to take an opinion on Roberts until after the hearings. Well, he actually told them not to express their opinions. How else can you present yourself as someone who waited and acted fairly? Then Reid came out and said he would vote against Roberts. This kind of crossed Leahy who stated that he was going to vote for Roberts. Whether he is doing that to spite Reid or not is an item of speculation. One gets the idea they wanted to appear as if they listened and then all come out against Roberts. Reid screwed that up.

Too bad these jerks have to play games while they are doing their jobs. Why can’t they do what they are supposed to and judge a nominee on his credentials? I guess it is because they are so used to saying one thing and doing another to get elected that they feel they have to worry about that in others. I hope the whole lot of them are removed from office next time around.


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