The Dog Days Of War

The left will now openly support the war. Well, at least the PETA contingent will. They will certainly be up in arms when they read this story about the terrorists strapping bombs to dogs so they can walk in and kill people. The PETA people, when they are not busy killing animals themselves, actually act like they care what happens to the defenseless creatures. I am sure that a bunch of grape Nehi drinking flower children will soon be in Iraq locked arm in arm to prevent the dogs from being captured. Of course, knowing the PETA crowd, they will probably complain that the US military is using dogs to perform work,such as sniffing out the very bombs the terrorists are strapping to other dogs.

In all seriousness, the whole terrorist bomb dog shows us a few things about the enemy and the people who live in that part of the world. Dogs are considered unclean and we would certainly expect that any jackass who would sanction people wearing bombs to kill people would not have a second thought about using a dog. The telling part is what people say about the practice.

Abdel Salam Kubaisi, a spokesman for the Muslim Scholars Assn., a hard-line Sunni Arab clerical organization sympathetic to insurgents, called the practice un-Islamic. “Our religion does not permit us to hurt animals,” he said, “neither by using them as explosive devices nor in any other manner.”

Their religion does not allow them to hurt animals by using them as explosive devices but it allows them to use people in that manner? What kind of twisted philosophy can even rationalize this line of thinking. How can you sympathize with a people who believe that their religious jihad allows them to strap bombs to people and kill others who are innocent but does not permit them to do that with animals?

Maybe it is just me but I find the whole idea of using living creatures, human or otherwise, as bombs to be a bit on the immoral side. Well, we are fighting a bunch of cowards so how can we expect them to be manly and fight? They would rather slither around using people and dogs as bombs than step out and fight. The sad part is that the US military will probably shoot a bunch of stray dogs if they look suspicious (like in they have something strapped to them.

Then, and only then, will PETA actually voice their complaints.

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6 Responses to “The Dog Days Of War”

  1. N. Mallory says:

    Hmmm…I think the PETA people are pretty much looked-down upon by both parties. Even the Lefties think they’re a little on the nutsy side…and not in a good way.

    That said, I think that the terrorists have been using people and animals in that capacity a lot longer than we’ve been in Iraq. Not that it’s right, but why jump on the bandwagon now? Just to recruit more patriots to the cause?

  2. Big Dog says:

    Yes they have been doing that for a long time. The fact is they are NOW doing it to us. We have quite enough patriots on the band wagon. They are prosecuting the war, and quite admirably.

    BTW, nice to see you again.

  3. Surfside says:

    This is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever posted here, but it popped into my head and thought I’d share. It is, of course, a rhetorical question:

    If a bomb-sniffing dog is checking to see if a local dog is carrying a bomb, does he sniff the dog’s butt first or sniff for the bomb? Which rules: nature or training?

    (I apologize. I couldn’t help myself.)


    Does the suicide bomb dog get 72 virgin bitches (meaning: female dogs) in doggie heaven? That’s a lot of tail.

    Have Timm run and get his shovel. I deserve a “Whap!”

  4. Surfside says:

    It’s also immoral to drive a car bomb into a crowd of children taking candy from US soldiers. Anyone who does that could easily kill dogs in the name of Allah. It’s to be expected.

  5. Freedom 7 says:

    Regarding the animal rights activists, many are probably upset only by the use of dogs, but not the fact that people are killed by bombs – especially if the people happen to be those evil U.S. military “fascist oppressors” (you know, the eighteen to thirty+ year old American volunteers who left the families they love to travel half a world away and keep organizations of hatred personified from murdering school children they’ve never met?) The orientation of people of this extreme spectrum of social protest aren’t new to me; I used to live in the Pacific Northwest (but have now escaped the Left Coast). It was not uncommon for radical extremists to “spike” trees with iron rods, hoping to injure or kill loggers who were cutting down timber. Save a tree, kill a logger? Makes perfect sense to them, which indicates to me that trying to reason with such people is a waste of time.

    Freedom 7

  6. N. Mallory says:

    If a bomb-sniffing dog is checking to see if a local dog is carrying a bomb, does he sniff the dog’s butt first or sniff for the bomb? Which rules: nature or training?


    There’s an image that’s not going to help my insomnia tonight…