The DNC, Wrong And Still Begging For Money

I got another email from those idiots in the DNC. They are asking me for money, just like they do every week or so. They must think people have nothing better to do with their money than send it to them! Or perhaps, they are admitting the economy is not so bad after all and people can afford to give to them weekly. In any case, the pandering email proves what I have said recently about the moonbats. A person who has been indicted is automatically guilty to them. Democrat Presidents who lie under oath are not guilty and should not be impeached but let a Republican get indicted and he is guilty! It does not matter that the charges are politically motivated, the Grand Jury was browbeaten into handing down the indictment, two or three Grand Juries refused to indict, the prosecutor acted unethically, the prosecutor is making a movie about the ordeal, the prosecutor dropped charges against companies allegedly involved by extorting money for a PAC of his, the prosecutor has no evidence, and the prosecutor tried to get DeLay to plead to a lesser charge (indicating his case is weak). Despite all these things to point to judicial malfeasance the DNC said this:

Everyone can see what Republican Leader Tom Delay did when he wanted more Republicans in Congress. He’s been indicted for laundering more than $170,000 in corporate money to gerrymander six Congressional seats away from Democrats.

That’s what the Republican money-for-influence machine is about — special interest money to fund Republican officials who will make sure that contributors get a return on their investment.

You see, DeLay is guilty in their eyes yet he has not had his day in court. There is no evidence and there is no proof that this took place but they are already acting like it is true. So much for the presumption of innocence. That only applies to Democrats who lie to the American public and under oath. Then, you are an idol in the moonbat camp.

I want to keep this email so when DeLay is found not guilty I can send it back to the DNC and tell those moonbats where they can put the email and their request for money.

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