The Dems Said Fox Was Dishonest?

Not to long ago the Democratic candidates all decided to cancel a debate sponsored by Fox. They made their claim that Fox was biased to the right and that they would not conduct a fair and open debate. The Democrats were more comfortable with the 70% left leaning “unbiased” MSM so that is the route they went. Republicans have not canceled any debates based upon distrust of a network though it appears they should have.

CNN hosted last night’s debate and I wrote a post informing that the gay general who asked the question about gays in the military was affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign and had endorsed her. Now it seems that this guy was not the only “undecided” voter who already supported a Democratic candidate. At least three other people who asked questions have endorsed a Democrat. Two of them for Edwards and one for Obama. The abortion girl Journey even posted a video about her response to the answers to her question while she was wearing her John Edwards T Shirt. The mom with the lead paint toy question is a union manager for a union that has endorsed Edwards and her video is displayed on the union’s website.

So somebody tell me again why the Democrats were worried about Fox but not concerned about CNN. Oh, because CNN seems to be in the tank for the left. There is no way that someone at CNN could not have known about these people. Perhaps they figured they would not get caught.

The Democrats canceled the Fox debate because they wanted fair. How fair is it that the gay general got more time to speak than Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul or Duncan Hunter? For that matter, he got longer than any candidate for a single response. They were limited to 90 seconds and 30 seconds for a follow up. The gay general got 2 minutes to talk about his lifestyle.

Michelle Malkin has quite a bit of detail.

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3 Responses to “The Dems Said Fox Was Dishonest?”

  1. Steve Dennis says:

    I was thinking the same thing about this. The Dems were too afraid to go on Fox News because they thought it wouldn’t be fair, yet the Republicans go on CNN knowing the bias they show. Then we learn of all the plants. The left likes to portray Fox as not being a legitimate news station, I ask, how can CNN be considered legitimate when they pull off a stunt like this?

  2. Robert says:

    The hypocrisy of the MSM is mind blowing. I’d count on Fox to deliver a fairer debate moderation than any of the other networks, Democrat or Republican.

    But the Fox News network is the “Devil” and must not be allowed to be involved in the Democratic process. So sayeth the Ko’s kids…

    Ever since Haliberton became a majority share owned by Soros do you hear many “Haliberton is evil” cries from t he libbers? me niether.

  3. irtexas44 says:


    Of course we all believe Hitlery didn’t know about the gay general on her team. And the dims had nothing to do with planting these people. The Clinton motto….deny, deny, deny, deny, don’t look back and everyone will believe us…..keep walking.

    I heard a snipet of Campbell Brown yesterday on some kind of special she was doing. After hearing Fox News, O’Reilly and Hannity, bad, bad bad. Just had to keep on going on my merry way. No time for BS.

    Remember my warning, her cabinet and staff are the same as desposable paper towels. They all swear to take one for the team as long as the roll lasts. But Bubba and Hil do not believe in being wrong. It’s not part of their dimwit speak.