The Democrats Will Raise Taxes

President Bush has been telling people across the country that if the Democrats gain control they will raise taxes. There are some on the left who want taxes raised and yet others look at this as scare tactics for political purposes. The unfortunate reality is, every time the Democrats get the chance, they raise taxes. The President also has pretty good information about this because some of the major players in the Democratic party have said they will raise taxes. They are still not convinced that the tax cuts have raised revenue to the treasury and that they are good. Democrats do not seem to understand that if they stop all the earmarks and quit wasting our money, they will have plenty to run the government.

Bill Clinton recently stated that if the Democrats win they will reinstate the estate tax. This oppressive tax is unfair and allows the government to take about 50% of what you leave to your heirs. The government never worked for the money, you earned it and paid taxes on it at least once (probably more than that) and yet, they will TAKE half of it from your beneficiaries. I guess when it comes to taking your money, the children do not matter.This tax is why many people with large estates find creative ways to avoid paying the tax.

Clinton had this to say; “They may think I should be able to give Chelsea every nickel, but I don’t.” What Bill fails to see is that this is a choice he has made. Others might feel that they want to pass on to their children everything they make. This is a decision that people who make the money should be able to take, and one that certainly should not be left up to Congress. Interestingly, the rich folks in Congress seem to find a number of ways to avoid the taxes themselves.

One other thing that Bill misses is that not everyone can go out and make millions of dollars like he did. He makes money for showing up, he has donors, and he has a wife in the Senate. He has millions of dollars and his daughter will be set forever. Regular folks who actually have to work to earn and save usually do not approach millions of dollars and they sure as hell do not want the government to take half of it away from their children.

The federal government, when under the control of the Democrats, raises taxes and spends lots of money. They claimed to have balanced the budget when Bill was in office but the reality of it is that we did not balance the budget and we did not have a surplus. However, if the budget was actually balanced, the Republicans were in charge when that supposedly took place. In reality, Clinton left Bush the beginning of a recession and the stock market was going south. The policies of the Clinton administration allowed them to raise taxes and to drastically cut the strength of the military in order to feign a balanced budget. We can listen to Hillary and her ilk screech about how Bush wasted a surplus and squandered money but the fact is there was no surplus. This is because they used mathematical gimmicks to show a balanced budget. The money in equaled the money out but the reality of it is that we still owed billions and there was no way to pay down that debt. In order to truly have a balanced budget, you can not owe money.

So we can say that yes, the budget was balanced. They cut the military and raised taxes 5% and we still owed a lot of money. We were in the red but the ledger looked good. This is the way Democrats handle money. They tax the hell out of people and they cut essentials like the military while they continue to spend, spend, spend. Bill Clinton let the cat out of the bag along with the other donks who will not rule out a tax increase. If America votes these people back into the leadership then we will be screwed and that revolution I talked about might not be too far off.

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One Response to “The Democrats Will Raise Taxes”

  1. cerebraldebris says:

    Great post! I just cannot believe the complete and utter stupidity of anyone who can’t equate Democraps with higher taxes! I am just disgusted that people are that blind or hard headed… or dumb that this has to be hammered into them!
    Believe it people. There is no theory here. There is no guessing. It’s common knowledge: Democrats= Higher Taxes and cuts on military spending.