The Democrats Want Dean To Shut Up

I remember commenting when Howard Dean was selected to head the DNC that he would not be good for them. Despite the rhetoric on the DNC website, they have not done as well in fund raising as they would have people believe. Dean has called our President names, stated that Republicans have never worked an honest day in their lives, and he told our troops that they can not win the war that they are winning. At least one Democrat has had the guts to step up and address the issue of the idiot Dean.

North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy said that Dean is overstepping his bounds and that he should not be giving up on the war effort. There are good and bad in every party and not all liberals are bad people. The ones who do not have extreme views are easy to get along with and they sometimes even make sense. Pomeroy is, at least in this instance, one such person. He said:

“My words to Howard Dean are simple – shut up,” Pomeroy told WDAY Radio in North Dakota on Thursday.

Pomeroy later told the Associated Press that he is tired “of the overblown rhetoric on both sides.”

“We have young men and women with their lives on the line,” he added. “The debate has fallen far short of what they deserve.”

Pomeroy said Dean wasn’t representing Democrats like him when he discussed the war.

No, Dean is representing Democrats like Murtha, Kerry, Pelosi, Durban, Reid, and Kennedy. In any event, This guy is right when he says the rhetoric is overblown on both sides and that we should not have these kinds of things going on while we have men and women at war.

He is right. Thank you Representative Pomeroy for saying what should have been said to Dean a long time ago. Of course, he will keep it up and the donks will lose big because of it.

Read it here.

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3 Responses to “The Democrats Want Dean To Shut Up”

  1. Don Surber says:

    Ode To The Democrats

    With apology to Rudyard Kipling:
    If you can call mocking inmates “torture”
    After ignoring worse abuse before,
    If you can trust yourself on WMD
    But blame Bush for “lying” about the war,
    If you can claim that Triumph is Disaster,
    Or call those …

  2. Jo says:

    I was heartened to hear this. The democrats like Zell Miller, Joe Liberman, and my grandparents should be, and probably are, ashamed of Howard Dean.

    The only good thing is hopefully it will embarass enough of them to start making changes for the good to take that party back to where it was.

  3. Retreat and Defeat

    The GOP has a new video on their site called Retreat and Defeat, where they use the Dems words against them. It starts with a statement that Democrats have a plan for iraq retreat and defeat. It then goes to clips of Dean, Boxer, and Kerry beating up …