The Democrat’s Own Frankenstein

Cindy Sheehan was the darling of the left back when the Democrats were the majority. She pranced around the country in her crusade that started as a quest to get the President to speak to her (again) about her son’s death. This crusade turned into a full blown obsession with Cindy and a band of gypsies parading around demanding an end to the war on terror in Iraq. Cindy camped out near the President’s ranch in Texas in order to harass him but only ended up harassing the locals who quickly tired of her lunacy.

Ann Coulter wrote about the victims of the left. People paraded around because they have some personal tragedy and therefore are unassailable. Any person who would dare attack the motives or actions of such a victim was cruel and mean. Cindy Sheehan was such a victim because her son was killed in Iraq. He volunteered for service and he volunteered for the mission he was killed on and I understand he performed his duties honorably. Somehow, to the demented aggrieved mother, this meant that George Bush killed her son. Cindy is always referred to as the mother who lost a son in Iraq. I imagine that this is so even when she is introduced in a social setting. “Reverend Jones, this is Mrs. Cindy Sheehan, she lost a son in Iraq.”

People who said anything about Sheehan were regarded as mean and vile. I was attacked on a number of occasions by people who thought I had no compassion and was attacking a poor grieving mother. In reality, I feel sorry for her because she lost her son and also because she has allowed herself to be manipulated so much that she now believes she has some importance. She is the Jane Fonda of this war and, like Fonda, a traitor to this nation.

Now that the Democrats have won the election and the Majority, they have no more use for her. They do not need her to run around blasting the President because they were able to fool a lot of America into voting for them. The problem is, no one told Sheehan that she was no longer needed. Cindy has now turned her attentions to the Democrats because when they campaigned they promised to cut and run. They are not doing it fast enough for momma moonbat and she is having a fit. Today, the Democrat’s Frankenstein attacked them and they were the ones embarrassed by their creation.

The Democrats were out to announce their agenda and how they were working on ethics reform (the Congress is the only government agency that needs to continually look at this because they are the ones always violating the ethical standards of government service). Cindy Frankenstein showed up with her pitchfork bearing mob and shouted down the Democrats. She and her mob wanted the Democrats to stop everything until they had cut off funds for the war. No matter how hard the Democrats tried they were unable to get their word out and they did what they do best, they cut and ran for cover in a room until it was over and then they slithered away. During the time they were hiding under the desks Frankenstein had the nerve to walk up to the microphones that were set up and she began to preach to everyone about the cause (I am Cindy Sheehan and I lost a son in the war). If that had been a Republican activist the police would have carted him off but Cindy is the monster created by the left so they can not treat her badly or they will be guilty of that which they pinned on everyone else, the sin of attacking a victim.

The left is now in a quandary. They promised America they would cut and run but they promised the Iraqis (in secret meetings) that they would stay in Iraq. They have an agenda for the first 100 hours and they want to push through legislation very quickly to give the appearance that they are the party of action. Their plan includes ignoring Republicans and passing certain social give away items and of course ethics reform. They want that to pass so it looks like they fixed the mess of the Republicans while ignoring people like John Conyers. The Democrats can ill afford to get stuck in a “quagmire” fighting over Iraq because that will blow their agenda and it will keep them from passing some quickies so they look good. The problem is, Frankenstein is looming large on the horizon and she wants, no demands action. She told them today that these are her DEMANDS. The Democrats have indeed created a monster and, as usual, they do not know how to handle things when they get tough so running seems like a good idea. The problem is, until they kill off Frankenstein, she will continue to haunt them.

My friend Ms. Underestimated has a video clip of Frankenstein at the conference today. Go take a look at it. Pay attention to how Frankenstein goes up to the microphones and makes demands. Yes folks, it will be real fun and for a change it is actually a pleasure to watch Sheehan because she is biting the hands that fed her. It does make me worry for my country though. If the Democrats can not handle one wacky moonbat, how on Earth are they going to handle the bad people in this world? I think they demonstrated that at the conference, cut and run anyone?

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3 Responses to “The Democrat’s Own Frankenstein”

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  2. Laurie says:

    “If the Democrats can not handle one wacky moonbat, how on Earth are they going to handle the bad people in this world?”


  3. virginia says:

    The Moonbat better be careful, you know how the Clinton’s make people suddenly die, if they are a threat to them. Would not surprise me in the least, if she disappeared before the 2008. You know they have got to figure out a way to shut her up now.