The Democrats Lied To Us

The Obamacare rollout is a failure and millions of people are losing their insurance plans because those plans do not meet the requirements of the new law. Despite being told that they could keep their plans if they liked them, people are losing what they like and are being forced to have no insurance or to accept plans that cost a lot more and provide coverage that contains unwanted items.

Even though Barack Obama promised people that they could keep their plans if they liked them the truth is people who like their plans are not getting to keep them.

People are upset at this and believe that they were lied to and they would be right. Yes, it would be easy to say that Obama and the Democrats simply did not know and that might have merit since none of them read the bill before it was passed. Hell, Nancy Pelosi told us that they had to pass it to see what was in it.

Wouldn’t that be like being told you had to buy a house before you could look at it to see if it meets your needs?

In any event, information is creeping out and it tells of a regime that lied to our faces. Steny Hoyer, the worthless Congressman from Maryland, admitted that they [Democrats] knew that some people would not be allowed to keep their plans. His explanation is that the President failed to provide the caveat that you could keep your plan IF it met the Obamacare standard.

Hoyer contends that the promise that you could keep it if you liked it was not misleading. Hoyer believes the message from Obama was accurate.

If they were not deliberately misleading us then why didn’t any Democrat step up and clear things up when Obama said we could keep our plans if we liked them? If they were not trying to be misleading, wanted to be accurate and knew that some wouldlose their insurance why didn’t they say so? You know the answer to that.

So tell me Steny, how can you say it was an accurate message when millions of people are losing their coverage? Only in DC can such an obvious issue befuddle a politician. Hoyer is being a good little toady and spinning this turd as best he can but the fact is Obama LIED.

Yes Steny, Obama LIED. He was not accurate and he most assuredly was misleading because you all knew that people would lose their coverage.

You all also knew that any coverage offered would cost more and this is why the regime changed the function of the website so that people had to sign up and provide all their information BEFORE they could get a price. You all knew that if the price was up front people would close out the website and not sign up for Obamacare.

Democrats are trying to spin this by saying that people are being transitioned or that they are getting something better but the undeniable truth (OK, a Democrat will deny it) is that the regime knew people would lose their insurance and continued to lie to them stating they would not.

A report today indicates that thousands of Maryland residents could lose insurance because of Obamacare.

In true Obama style the White House is blaming insurance carriers.

It is interesting to me to see all the people who voted for Obama and who supported Obamacare calling in to shows or reporting in the papers that they lost their coverage. I love seeing them whine that they have to pay more and they love the idea of everyone having insurance as long as they are not paying for it out of their own pockets. Typical liberals; love to spend someone else’s money. Give everyone everything as long as they don’t have to foot the bill.

I am enjoying seeing people who are waking up to the fact they were lied to and used. I love seeing them express frustration at having to pay more money they don’t have for something they don’t want all because they trusted the guy who lied to their faces.

They should have listened to the rest of us.

Enjoy the cat food morons (can you buy that with food stamps).

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “The Democrats Lied To Us”

  1. pa says:

    So they’re finally realizing that they have to pay for a government-mandated program. They only see it now because the cost is making a large and direct hit on their own wallets. I wonder how many will ever recognize that the costs of all the other massive government programs are also coming out of their pockets, but in a sneaky indirect manner that is not as brazenly evident as the new health insurance premiums and deductibles.

    If they can ever be made to understand how much they personally pay for all those fab government programs, we might actually be able to get some rational spending policies in place.

  2. Blake says:

    This is only a surprise to the liberal faithful, like the unions, who have a big surprise coming in a year.
    They assume that they will get preferred treatment, but obammie doesn’t care who he trashes, jusst so the US is destroyed.
    He really needs to go.