The Debates Are Tonight!

The long awaited presidential debates start tonight with the first of three.
(Boxing intro Music) Leeettttssss get readddyyyy to rummmmmbllleeeeee

In this corner weighing in at a ton of BS, wearing the orange make up and botox facial expressions, the challenger, Johnnnnnn F for flip-flopper Kerrrryyyyyy

And in this corner the undisputed, except in Florida by the crybaby media and supposedly disenfranchised din-a-lings, weighing in at 10 tons of pride, in the red, white and blue , patriotic trunks, Geoorrrge, the terrorist annihilating, regime changing, you?d better not mess with the ole? U.S. W for win Buusshhhhhhh.

Roar from the crowd?..
And now a predicted debate moment:

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