The Debate Was Boring

The Second Debate was boring and the moderator spent more time worrying about theatrics than letting them engage. Of course, that was his job and they did agree on a format but it seemed that the format was not going to work right out of the gate. I don’t know if there were other lights but the ones I saw were on the floor so it might have been hard for them to see the lights while looking at the people.

John McCain was strong on economic issues and he made Obama look like a child on foreign policy. Obama held his own but he kept spewing falsehoods or half truths. He said that John McCain voted against alternative energy (some number times) and that he now wants it. McCain voted against energy bills loaded with lard.

Obama is not able to tell the difference because when McCain pointed out that Obama had requested almost 1 million dollars for each day he has been in the Senate for pork, Obama said pork was only about 18 billion dollars so we should not really worry about it that much. For McCain’s part, he said we had to reign in foolish spending and then said we were going to buy down debt in the housing market. I don’t know what possessed him to say that but I hope whatever he is talking about is a good, well thought plan.

Though I think that McCain laid the groundwork for the weeks ahead by putting out a theme, I don’t think he changed any minds (or very few) and I don’t think Obama did either. People who supported McCain going in probably still do and those supporting Obama going in have not changed. Undecideds are probably still undecided and want to see the next debate and what happens in between.

It is too bad that most of this sounded like rehashed campaign stump speeches (from both of them) than a real debate of the issues.

I do agree with McCain and think people should look at the records of each man. I know Obama has a thin record but look at it anyway. Look at both of them and learn before you vote. No matter who you vote for you will be able to say you were informed. It is your choice but remember that not long ago a young, charismatic Democrat promised to only raise taxes on those making over 200k. His name was Bill Clinton and once he was in office it took him fewer than 2 months to decide things were terrible and that he had to raise taxes on everyone.

Barack Obama will do the same. There is no free lunch people and in order for him to give something he has to take something and that is not right. Don’t let Obama pull a Clinton on you because then we all have to suffer for your ignorance.

Yep, the debate was boring and no surprises. The liberal media will claim Obama won, the right will say McCain did and they will all spin it that way for a few days.

It was boring. Some of the after debate interviews had more action. Mitt Romney being told by Claire McCaskill that she spit on the earpiece that she handed to him to use. She should have been punched in her mouth. Last thing Romney needed was her saliva on the earpiece. She is a liberal, no one knows where that mouth has been.

Perhaps at the next debate they can do something to keep people awake.

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “The Debate Was Boring”

  1. Concepcion Roustan says:

    When asked whether to check with the UN first if Israel was to be destroyed by nuclear weapons by Iran. McCain answered unambiguously that he would act immediately, whereas Obama hedged his answer. In my opinion this shows real character. One hates America, the other loves it. The one is a radical socialist, the other a pragmatical man.

    McCain has an unbending conviction that America must always be supported and protected in any conflict with any enemy.

    Obama has a chip on his shoulder and I got this feeling, I don’t trust his elitiest Harvard superiority.

  2. Bill says:

    I thought McCain won the debate but then again I’m a racist since I’m not voting for Obama. I don’t feel Obama really answered any questions. He just blamed something on Bush, tried to connect McCain to Bush and then talked in circles (or lies). The most obvious being that he, the annoited One was sounding the alarm on Fannie and Freddie 2 years ago (in between running for president I guess), not McCain and the republicans. The old democrat tactic of “if you say a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. I guess my question would be then, well Senator Obama, you claim you saw this coming two years ago, your party was in power in the House and Senate and you were unable to get anything done or convince anyone on your side to do something. Wouldn’t that speak to your leadership abilities?

    I actually like McCain’s idea to buy up all the bad mortgage debt. That’s what they should be using the 780 billion for. It probably would cost less than that. The sooner we get that bad debt out of our financial system, the sooner things will get better I think. At that point, any company that can’t cut it, no bail outs!

  3. Jo says:

    McCain did bring up stuff that needed to be, Obama’s connection to Fannie and Freddie for one. And I knew Obama was going to say go to the UN first and right on schedule, slam bam ! Remember we went to the UN how many times while Hussein was moving his WMD? hmmm Hussein and B Hussein … yikes!

  4. Robert says:

    There are a couple of differences between Obama and McCain:
    1. Color
    2. Character
    3. Past Relationships.

    Throw out #1 and you have 2 clear reasons to vote for McCain. Obama is lacking in #2, and he has more skeletons in his closet than Jeffery Dahmer.

  5. Mustang says:

    Two things need to happen if McCain is going to win this election:
    1. He needs to turn up the heat on Obama
    2. The FBI needs to arrest everyone associated with ACORN.

    Please remit $10.00 for this advice.

  6. Barbara A. Orla says:

    John McCain needs to put some emphasis behind his words and speak in a deeper, more determined voice. This soft-spoken voice is not going to work. However, I do want to say that I don’t think John McCain picked Sarah Palin, but God chose her and since He picked her to run, I feel they will definitely win the election.