The Cowards At ABC Cut The Scene

ABC cut the scene where Sandy Berger caved and they cut a bunch of the parts where the good guys were in the desert ready to attack bin Laden. The way it was presented there is no real sense that the good guys are ready to go in. Without the pictures the sense of urgency is lost. Additionally, I am pretty sure that in the preview clips one of the guys says something about Clinton being distracted by the whole Lewinsky thing and that was not in the show.

It is official, ABC caved to Democratic pressure to censor a program on an American television network. The Democrats exercised the same type of authority that the Soviets, Chinese, and North Korea exercise over their media. In the movie there is a part where a man asks if there are any men left in Washington, or just cowards. I am not going to answer for Washington at that time of the movie because it was a rhetorical question but I will say this, there are only cowards at ABC. They are cowards who are still in the pockets of the Democrats.

I also noticed that they made it clear that this was not a documentary. They never made that claim when F 9/11 was shown and F 9/11 won an award as a documentary. John Edwards talked about two Americas. He wanted you to believe that the two were rich America and poor America but the fact is there is America as the Democrats want it run and then there is America according to the rest of us. The Democrats are not for your civil rights, upholding the Constitution, or freedom of anything unless it espouses exactly what they believe.

Remember, Bill Clinton praised F 9/11 as did many other moonbats. We need to make sure these people pay for what they did when they trampled on the Constitution. We need to get them out of office or they will continue to take away our rights and force their views on us. ABC needs to pay as well. I will not buy Disney products and do not intend to watch their station after I see part II of this show. I am not interested in supporting Disney or ABC. Let the moonbats take care of them.

Ms Underestimated has the uncut portions of the movie should you care to compare.

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2 Responses to “The Cowards At ABC Cut The Scene”

  1. Big Dog:

    You know, I’m so glad that I got to see the scene wholly, because the movie as it was shown was discombobulated in that particular area. Why was the CIA agent so angry when she stormed into the meeting in tears? What happened right before that? Thankfully I have the scene so I know, but if you hadn’t, that movie last night would have not made sense in that part.

    Ms. U

  2. Ragnell says:

    Big Dog,
    Fairness isn’t the point, these people want to win, and at any cost. Why expect fair play from petty tyrants and bullies?