The Cover-Up At A Fast And Furious Pace

There has been a tendency on the part of this administration [Bush Administration] to try to hide behind Executive Privilege every time there is something a little shaky taking place and I think the administration would be best served by coming clean on this. ~ Senator Barack Obama

Attorney General Eric Holder is involved in a very bad cover-up of wrong doing in a little thing known as Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious was an illegal gun running operation conducted under the direction of Holder. It was all designed to allow the Obama regime to enact strict gun control but went south when guns the regime allowed to flow into Mexico showed up at murders, including the murder of a Border Patrol Agent. Make no mistake, the guns were allowed to run into Mexico because the Justice Department forced gun dealers to make illegal sales.

Holder has been under investigation for nearly a year and has stonewalled every step of the way. He refuses to release documents relating to the illegal operation and a vote to hold him in contempt looms in the House.

Through all of this the Obama regime claimed ignorance of the operation (and they even blame it on, wait for it, Bush). BTW, this has been disproved) and Holder has done his best to protect Obama from being implicated in the operation. Obama did not see anything, has no knowledge and is not involved.

Eric Holder wrote a letter to Barack Obama asking him to invoke Executive Privilege to cover the documents that Holder does not want to release. Barack Obama did indeed invoke Executive Privilege. Now, if Obama has never seen them and was not involved then how could he possibly know they are documents that should be protected by Executive Privilege? It seems that Barack Obama knows what is in those documents and he is invoking Executive Privilege in order to assist Holder in the cover-up.

This is the same Barack Obama who, as a Senator, said that he was against hiding behind Executive Privilege. This video is from an interview on the Larry King Show:

When Richard Nixon was president there was a little thing called Watergate. Nixon was threatened with impeachment and eventually resigned from office because of it. It is believed that Nixon was not involved in the decision to conduct the break in, his staff was involved in that. Nixon got in trouble because after he was informed about it he was implicated in the cover-up that took place. The reason Nixon was implicated is because he had a recording system in his office and there were tapes of the meetings where the cover-up was discussed. Nixon attempted to assert Executive Privilege to keep the tapes from being released but the Supreme Court ruled that he had to hand them over.

Nixon attempted to assert Executive Privilege in order to cover-up the wrong doing and he ended up losing his job under threat of impeachment (and the certainty he would be found guilty by the Senate). Does this sound familiar?

Today Barack Obama had his Richard Nixon moment and time will tell if he will be treated the same way by the Democrats and their media wing.

Where are Woodward and Bernstein now?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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