The Cost Of Gas

I do not like to pay more for things than any other person does. I do, however, realize that costs go up and when someone has to spend more money to produce a product that cost gets passed on to consumers. This is the case with the current state of gasoline. It costs more for a barrel of crude oil than it did just a few years ago. This is a cost that we can not control because we refuse to allow oil exploration and drilling in this country. We blindly refuse to acknowledge the basic truth that we rely on oil to survive. Instead of looking for new ways or new sources to obtain oil we debate the idea of alternative fuels. A great idea but not one which should stop oil exploration while we decide what alternative we want to pursue.

Predictably, Democrats are all over gas prices blaming the President and the Republicans for the “crisis.” They tout their familiar party line about how Republicans are friendly to the oil companies while ignoring their own involvement. When I was a kid I waled about a mile to get a gallon of gas to cut lawns for spending money, a task unfamiliar to many of today’s children because we now have millions of ILLEGALS to provide lawn care. I paid a whopping 25 cents for each gallon that I purchased. Today I drive an SUV and I pay just under 3 dollars a gallon. I do not have any problem with paying the money because the rise in price is attributed to increased costs of production. I do take issue with politicians who will not allow us to obtain our own oil from our own land, thereby driving up the cost (and our dependence) and then complain that the President is responsible for the mess.

We still pay far less than many other countries and one would think that the higher cost would be a blessing for the Democrats and their environmental wacko friends. Higher costs means people will drive fewer miles and will conserve. Al Gore should be doing a dance thinking about the decrease in fossil fuel emissions and the resultant (and obligatory) “global warming” result! Instead, the left goes out of its way to blame the Republicans for the mess it has caused.

If you think about what it takes to turn oil into gasoline, 3 dollars is not really that bad. Compared to a gallon of other items, and what you get out of that gallon, gas is pretty reasonable. Gasoline will get you from 10 to 50 miles and all for about 3 bucks. A gallon of Jack Daniels, 30 dollars and you only get drunk. A gallon of milk, about $2.50 and cows are plentiful! Water costs about a dollar for those little pint bottles. That equates to 8 dollars a gallon and what does it take to get water? Chanel No5 about 47 dollars an ounce or $6016 per gallon! No one complains about the prices of these items or expects the government to jump in and save them. People who want to drink booze will buy their Jack, folks who “Got Milk” will still buy it, and people who want to smell like Chanel will fork out the money.

Instead of listening to the moonbats in Congress blame the President, we should concentrate our efforts on forcing them to allow us to get the oil we have under our own real estate and then maybe, just maybe, the price will go down and we can lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

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