The Constitutional Sheriff, America’s Last Hope

Yesterday, September 17th was the celebration of our Constitution….225 years ago this document was signed by brave and selfless men. It is a testament to the strength of just how strong and resilient this document is, as it has been put to the test over the last 150 years.

I attended a small gathering in my county to give thanks and to learn more about this document, both federal and state. The guest to speak was Pastor David Whitney from The Institute on the Constitution. He gave a beautiful and concise lecture on how this document serves us under God’s law, not man’s law.

I learned a great deal last evening but one point Pastor Whitney wished to drive home was the importance of the Constitutional Sheriff. He reminded us that this elected seat was the only law enforcement entity mentioned in our Constitution. and, he warned us that for those of us who still had a sheriff, to hold on tight to them. 

He showed us the danger in appointed police commissioners and their allegiance to their county executive with the recent case in Anne Arundel County against John Leopold. Leopold was indicted on charges of misconduct while on duty and using tax payer money and county workers (the county police commissioner) to aide him in his destructive behavior. His trial is set for January 2013, and the former County Police Commissioner struck a deal which further cost taxpayers in Anne Arundel County to award him for the misdeeds that took place….We see this all the time, don’t we?

Many sheriffs do not understand their Constitutional powers and a growing number of them met at the annual Convention ( that Sheriff Mack, one of the only sheriffs to ever file suit against the federal government and win, puts on. Sheriff Mack is slowly teaching his fellow law enforcement friends what they swore to do and who their allegiance is to.

Pastor Whitney was there and left the convention early to come home and give his lecture to us about the Constitution. He spoke of the various high profile sheriffs we all have come to know by their high profile in fighting tyranny by our federal government. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was there. We all know Sheriff Joe, don’t we? The man who took on the presidents birth certificate. and, IMO, proved without a shadow of a doubt that the document we were shown was a forged and phony document. Perhaps we will never get to the truth about this controversy but it will not be because our constitutional sheriff let us down.

One sheriff Pastor Whitney did not mention was Sheriff Dever, from Cochise County Arizona. I only know of this man from a documentary I saw recently called, “They Come to America”. A documentary On the truth about illegal immigration, and what effects it is having on our country. While both political conventions have come and gone, little was spoken about this grave issue to our country. And while the flags were waving and the horns were blowing at these conventions, Sheriff Dever was doing what he does everyday…protecting our borders…protecting American citizens. A tough but gentle man with a white cowboy hat. Quietly saying that Janet Napolitano would not dictate to him how to serve his citizens…She would not tell him when the borders were safe, HE would tell her.

This morning I awoke to learn that the cowboy with the white hat lost his life yesterday on the 225 anniversary of the beloved Constitution he fought for. A one car crash took away one of Americas last Constitutional sheriffs. RIP Sheriff Dever…We’ll take it from here brother.

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One Response to “The Constitutional Sheriff, America’s Last Hope”

  1. Judy Bach says:

    JoANN How beutifully written. I did NOT realize that this was the same wonderful Sheriff in They Come to America that just died. May he Rest in PEACE We need hundreds more like him. YES JOANNE!! I took Pastor Whitneys crash course one weekend on the ‘aryland Constitution. I learned about the sheriffs supreme powers under the. Constitution!! They are our last defense. Thank you for writing about this. Judy