The Conspiracy: Obama Accessed Passport Files?

There was a bit of initial uproar when it was learned that Barack Obama’s passport data had been accessed with his campaign accusing the Bush administration of invading the privacy of Mr. Obama. It was typical Democratic bluster with the typical response of blaming Bush first and the reaction allowed the campaign to focus on something other than Obama’s racist pastor and Obama’s racist remarks. It was looking like Obama could make some hay with this one until it was announced that the passport files of John McCain and Hillary Clinton had been accessed as well. A little passage in a Washington Times story has led me to believe that Mr. Obama is responsible for the breaches.

The State Department last night said one of the persons responsible for the inappropriate behavior was employed by an information technology firm headed by one of Mr. Obama’s foreign intelligence advisors. [emphasis mine]

Here is how I see it happened; Senator Obama had the employee of one of his advisers, who just happens to work at the State Department, look at Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s passport information in an effort to get political ammunition on both of them. The peek would also allow access to their Social Security numbers which can be used to find a great deal of information. The credit reports of these two would provide a wealth (no pun intended) of information (ask Chuck Schumer about credit reports). Sometime after the illegal access someone in the campaign becomes worried that if the breaches are discovered and Obama is the only one that has not been accessed, suspicion will be cast upon him especially since the employee of an adviser works there. It is decided that his record will be accessed so if any of the records being illegally accessed, Obama will be in the clear.

Now that we know Obama had an inside person this makes perfect sense. If he beats Hillary (looking more likely every day) he will face McCain. He needed to dig up information on both of them and his team would have been working on that for some time now. It is even likely that he allowed the worker’s access of the records to be discovered so as to draw attention away from the racist remarks being thrown all over this past week. Allowing the discovery was a safe move because all of their records were accessed. The only problem is that the campaign’s attack on the Bush administration fizzled out quickly when it was shown that all of the candidate’s records had been accessed. Obama took that as acceptable because he is not running against Bush and he needs things to change direction.

This is the only thing that makes sense. Why would all of their records be accessed? Who would stand to benefit from this given that all three had their information looked at? While any one of them would benefit, Obama was the only one with an inside connection to the records.

I believe Barack Obama must have been involved in the illegal access of passport information. Certainly this idea makes more sense than the Bush administration being the culprits, now that we know John McCain had his records looked at. Since the Obama campaign was so quick to make the Bush connection I will be quick to make the Obama connection, especially since he had a mole on the inside, his was the first “discovered” and disclosed and the disclosure came after a reporter inquiry.

Wouldn’t it be something if this turned out to be the case?

However, it is more likely that some curious employees looked up information on the people running for president and that they did it of their own accord. But since Obama’s people fired the first salvo and blamed the administration, I will shoot back with my take that Obama is involved.

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One Response to “The Conspiracy: Obama Accessed Passport Files?”

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