The City That Never Sleeps Hides From Snow

Comrade Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City said it could be the storm of the century and told people to stay in. Don’t go out and don’t drive. If you drive, according to Governor Cuomo, you will be breaking the law and could face a $300 fine.

Chris Christie in New Jersey (a suburb of New York) closed ALL the roads because of the impending storm.

This will be historic with FEET, hear that, FEET of snow. Prepare now by getting what you need from the store and then going home and staying there.

And whatever you do DON’T drive.

Now that the storm had underwhelmed by dropping a mere pittance of snow (about 6 inches in New York) and missed areas like the Baltimore region nearly completely the aftermath shows that people are turning into wimps.

It is snow and places that have a cold winter usually get snow. Certainly people should have enough sense not to drive if the roads are bad or they do not have a vehicle capable of handling snow but to close down the city that never sleeps and to close roads across entire states is the nanny state dictating how people act.

They are turning people into wimps who can’t think for themselves and can’t decide whether or not to drive. No need, the government that decides on how much soda you can drink and bans trans fats has also dictated whether you can drive in the snow.

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, firefighters, those who care for others, police officers, all must go out. If you can’t drive then you walk if you are able or the National Guard picks up the mission essential and takes them to work. But if you are able to drive why should you have to resort to other methods?

Because the government said so. They need the streets clear so they can plow. Got it, but government is not usually an essential entity and while snow plows are essential to clearing roads many people are essential to the operation of a company or they are essential to the health care and protective services system.

We all can’t just take the day off because Comrade Mayor says to stay home.

Hey, for those who can telework or otherwise work from home then it makes sense. Unfortunately, not all jobs allow that luxury.

This is not to say that if one ventures out in a bad storm for a joy ride or non essential travel and gets stuck that there should be no consequence. They should pay to be pulled out and be fined if they hamper recovery efforts. However, they should be free to decide.

Americans should be ruggedly independent but are increasingly just dependent and that dependence is on government.

The hype by government officials is detrimental to good order. They screamed from mountain tops to stay in because of the historic storm. Now that it fizzled out people are less likely to heed warnings in the future. The mayor who cried wolf has seen to that.

People, use common sense and if you can stay in then do so. If you must travel then do so carefully and at your own risk.

But maybe there is an upside. Perhaps in a city that never sleeps people finally got some shut eye…

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