The Candidate of Change


This election has been about hope and change on the Democrat’s side. I already addressed the hope issue and equated hope to wishful thinking so now it is time to address change. Candidates from both sides talk about change and the Democrat’s are lapping up the change kool aid as if it is something new. All presidential candidates (all candidates, for that matter) campaign on change. If they did not want change they would be happy with the person who is already there.

The change issue seems to have hit a collective nerve on the left and they have embraced the message of change from the very first day. But what do they want? They have two candidates of change. Hillary and Obama are both candidates of change so why are people flocking to B. Hussein Obama when Hillary Rodham Clinton is all about even more change?

Obama has changed his story about Pastor Wright more than a few times and he has had to change what he said to what he meant with regard to the bitter folks in this country. While people like to think Obama is a fresh face with new ideas he is an inexperienced politician who conducts business as usual. He did not get ahead in Chicago by being the outsider he clams to be.

Clinton changed her sniper story, her opinion as to whether Obama could win in the general election, her benchmark for success, he position on NAFTA, he story about releasing documents, her position on driver’s licenses for ILLEGALS and any number of other things that far outweigh the number of changes that B. Hussein Obama has made.

So, if the Democrats really want a candidate of change then they are supporting the wrong person. Hillary Clinton is the candidate of change and she has Obama beaten by a wide margin in that category.

The only real change we will get with either one is how rapidly they change what they promised on the campaign trail to what they will actually do in office. They will change even more and most of it involves taking more of the change out of your pockets.

I am looking for change as well. I say we start by changing the three people still running with three others and have a “do over.” Then I say we change out every seat in the House and every seat in the Senate that is on the ballot. Then I say we change the tax laws as in abolishing them along with the plethora of unconstitutional government programs that suck the lifeblood out of our republic.

Now those would be positive changes.

Big Dog

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