The Birth of a Conservative Movement

Ladies and gentlemen,
On 8 November at 0130 (that is 1:30 am for you civilians) it was obvious to all that the Republican Party was in for a rough time. Instead of crawling under our beds as the Democrats have done for the last 12 years, the first response from my fellow Conservatives was “how do we start getting ready for 2008?” You see, we do not blame it on voting machines, or disenfranchisement or cheating or any thing else. In elections, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. To a Democrat, who believes that it is his birthright to be elected and lead, a loss equates to cheating and all other problems. Notice, they were completely happy with the process this time. Did you hear any Democrats say “Dammit, I am winning big here but we need a recount because a cop car scared poor blacks away”? That is the difference in philosophies.

We decided that night and into the next day to launch a grass roots site of our own that we hope will compete with some of the other sites in the political arena. I am proud to announce that after many long nights working with some really great folks, the site is up and running. The official launch is at midnight but we all felt our readers should get advanced notice so they could see it first. The site has editorials and writings from our contributors and they are all linked on the front page. This is more like a news and information site and we will use it to inform and teach.

This is the mission statement of the site:

The mission of America’s Victory 08 is to organize conservatives in a concerted effort to put conservative politicians in office. AV08 believes that politicians who espouse the following views are worthy of office and those who do not, are nor qualified to lead this country. Politicians who will garner our support must:

– Be Completely Dedicated To Winning the War in Iraq
– Be Completely Dedicated To Broadening and Winning the War on Terror
– Secure Constitutionalist Judges For Our Courts
– SECURE Our Border, Without Amnesty, Without Exception
– Represent Strong Moral Values (on abortion, gay marriage, etc…)
– Work on Reducing Spending, and Balancing Our Budget

This group’s mission includes educating the public on the benefits of conservatism and to exploit the failures of liberalism and liberals. Our view is that conservatism works every time it is tried and that liberalism is a weak position that creates dependent classes of people and forces them to be beholden to the government. We view independence as a civil right and believe that conservatism builds that independence by fostering an environment where people succeed unencumbered by the government.

In invite you to visit America’s Victory 08 and read some of the articles that are posted there. All contributors can be contacted via the contact form. If you would like to comment you have that option on the very first post, the written items do not allow that.

This is the first paragraph of my first article:

Leaders in the US Army are taught to put the needs of their soldiers above their own. This is an important principle of leadership and, in practice, it allows an atmosphere of mutual respect to develop. When this happens, a bond is formed where members of a team willingly sacrifice for the good of the others. When leaders put their own needs and desires first, people become disenchanted with them and eventually leave. Of course, it is not easy to pick up and walk out of a military unit but when the opportunity presents itself, soldiers will either leave the service or opt for another assignment in order to escape the grasp of a bad leader. Good leaders, on the other hand, have soldiers who will follow them into the gates of Hell.

You can read the rest of it here.

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