The Bill is Amnesty, Plain and Simple

The Senate has come up with a scheme to help ILLEGAL immigrants stay here legally and become citizens. This bill has wide support across parties and was hailed by President Bush who claimed it was not amnesty. Where are all the left wing nut jobs who said he lied us into war? The idea that this is not amnesty is either a lie or the utterances of delusional people who are more concerned with votes than our country. The bill allows people who broke the law to get here to obtain a special Visa and then to work on a path to citizenship. I heard Ted Kennedy say in an interview that this bill provides a path to citizenship for those who came here, work hard, and followed the rules. No Senator, these people did NOT follow the rules. The rules are that it is ILLEGAL to sneak across the border and since they did that they did not follow the rules. Then again, who expects Kennedy to know about rules after what he did to Mary Jo?

This bill will be an economic disaster for this country. There will be millions upon millions of people who bring family members here and start drawing Social Security and other welfare benefits. Most of these people do not have health insurance and that will not change. They will sponge off welfare programs to get medical care or they will rack up big bills visiting the emergency rooms across the country. The Social Security system is already in dire straights and will be insolvent by the middle of the next decade without the added burden of millions of ILLEGALS being paid money that they are not entitled to. This burden will result in a decrease in benefits and an increase in the Social Security tax as well as likely increase the retirement age and will forever end the idea that people might someday actually be able to invest THEIR money in accounts that they can control and pass on to loved ones.

It is time for America to wake up and see what is happening. It is time to call each elected official and voice objection to this bill. It is time to ensure that we the people have a say in this process and that we end it before it brings on the downfall of our nation. We do not need an amnesty bill because there are already laws that dictate how people enter this country and we need to follow them. What makes anyone think that these Bozos in office will follow this plan? They will do just what they did last time and that is allow more people to sneak in and then grant them amnesty at some future date when we again have another crisis. I will not support any candidate who votes for this bill and I will ensure that this issue is raised time and again when they start begging me for money through phone calls and the mail. The RNC will not get another dime until the Republican Party stands up and opposes the ILLEGAL infestation of our country and actually does something to prosecute those who break the law. McCain can forget about winning the nomination as can any other ass who votes for this mess.

However, in the spirit of their intent I have changed my mind with regard to Paris Hilton. Those who read this blog know I wrote a post indicating that she got what she deserved but now I think she deserves amnesty. She drove while intoxicated and then broke her probation two or three times. That is no where near the number of times some of these ILLEGALS have been caught sneaking in and the Congress is ready to hand them the keys to the country so I say screw it, Paris deserves amnesty. As a matter of fact, why don’t we just release everyone who is in prison and give them amnesty as well? They have done nothing worse than the people who are invading us so why not ignore their transgressions as well?

It looks like Bill Clinton’s last minute flurry of pardons will be a footnote in history if this new bill gets to the President’s desk because in one fell swoop Bush will have pardoned more than 12 million people.

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4 Responses to “The Bill is Amnesty, Plain and Simple”

  1. Jo says:

    I now regret having voted for him. Not that I had a choice,
    because I refuse to vote for a democrat – but what a waste.

  2. Wild Thing says:

    Thank you Big Dog, GREAT post about this travesty!

  3. Ogre says:

    I think we need amnesty for speeders.

    And those who have run stop signs.

    And bank robbers, because they needed the money.

    And Embezzlers, because they worked hard.

  4. bj1 says:

    My dear friends, I am so mad I could spit nails ! Let us get together and MAKE the senate, house and president put this to a vote for us , the American people , to vote on..They could then be sure that we do NOT want amnesty or anything even near it. I am so serious… We are being railroaded into paying for the welfare of at least 20 million illegal invaders.. thats over 2 billion a year in costs that come out of our own pockets..I didnt take these illegals to raise. Please let us know what to do in order to make these dumb heads allow us to vote on this. bj1