The Big News?

The long awaited news that was suppose to hurt the Kerry camp finally came out today. I think it was good not to get too excited over this. Now that it has come out I am glad I did not lose any sleep waiting for it. It would seem that all the Washington Times (the Times Jocko, not the Post) did was reaffirm the fact that John Kerry is a liar.

Kerry has stated, a number of times, that he met with the UN Security Council Members prior to his vote on the war in October 2002. He said it as recently as one of the debates. The WaTimes has discovered, through interviews, that the members did not meet with Kerry. Some of them stated they had never met him and they also said they did not speak to any of Kerry’s staff.

This is pretty big for the fact that John Kerry’s dead mother told him integrity, integrity, integrity before she went to prep Heaven for Christopher Reeve’s arrival. In case you did not know, Reeve died because George Bush would not kill unborn babies to do research that probably would not have been successful in time to save him, assuming it would have been successful in the first place.

It is telling that Kerry’s dead mother had to remind him three times to have integrity (she probably knew him best) but it is even more telling that the man who told America that George Bush was not telling them the truth LIED to everyone. When Rolling Stone Magazine asked Kerry what he wanted people to remember about his presidency he replied “That it always told the truth to the American people.” He is not even the president and he blew that one. Given the number of lies he has told during this campaign, I can’t figure how he said that with a straight face. I laughed when I read it!

Anyway, the WaTimes just reinforced the fact Kerry is a liar. This will not get legs because the MSM will not run with it. They will ignore it until Nov 3 and then might mention it like it is some new story that just surfaced. I am still holding out for a big surprise. Remember, Kerry’s records are available to the right people and maybe one of them will get his hands on the juice Kerry is so hell bent on hiding. Perhaps we will hit a big cache of WMD in Iraq around Thursday or so and negate Kerry’s whole argument about going to Iraq for nothing and the no WMD mantra. Who knows? It should be an interesting week, so long as no one gets killed by the union thugs protecting the polls.

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