The Big Dog Is Coming…To Wide Awakes Radio

Ric Ottaiano releases the hounds, Darth Misha from Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler is in charge of the Empire and the Big Dog is in the house. The Big Dog is on his way to Wide Awakes Radio to join these “Dogs” and the rest of the gang to help combat the evil forces of liberalism.

Kender has lost his mind, I mean graciously offered me a show when a suitable time slot opens.

So keep your eyes open and your ears peeled because when this Dog barks, people listen (and if they don’t, he bites).

Stay tuned for the Dog Pound where the Big Dog does it in doggie style.

I have put a link to the WAR website on my left sidebar (default site theme only). The link is WAR.

This item is cross posted at WAR.

I am working on time slots and will post them as soon as I know. It will be this week!

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