The bias of ABC

It is no secret that the MSM has fallen in love with Barack Obama. Chris Matthews gets chills down his leg listening to Obama talk a lot but say nothing. He is not the only one to go ga ga over the Obamination that could be our next president as many in the media have dropped off the Clinton bandwagon and climbed aboard the hope express. The MSM helped decide the Republican nomination and now it is working on ensuring Obama wins the primary and the general election by using biased reporting to make Obama appear more popular among certain groups than he really is.

This is the case with ABC’s recent report on the military and the presidential race. ABC reported that many of the troops were supporting Barack Obama (with one Hillary supporter) because the troops wanted out of Iraq. About 80% of the people in the military vote Republican so 20% of them vote for some other party. It is not surprising that ABC could find people that support a candidate who is not Republican. What is surprising is that ABC was unable to find one single John McCain supporter. Assuming that 20% of the military has switched due to the prolonged war ABC would still stand a better chance statistically of finding a McCain supporter than supporters of Obama and Clinton.

And yet ABC could not find even one. I suspect that they found quite a few members of the military who are supporting the Republican candidate but only reported on those who were supporting Democrats and they pushed the ones supporting Obama to boot. They did this to give him credibility with the military because Obama is not military friendly. He is a blame America first racist who has no use for the military. He wants to bring them home in defeat just like his party did to those who served in Vietnam.

I cannot believe that members of the military would support a person who will hand them a loss. Make no mistake about it, withdrawal would be a loss and Obama will never allow that loss to be placed on him or his co conspirators in the Democratic party. They will place the blame squarely on the military and use loss as an excuse to restrict future use of military power regardless of the circumstances.

ABC News is directing the show and it is picking the candidate that it wants to win the primary and the general elections. ABC is using biased reporting to influence the election rather than reporting the facts and allowing people to decide for themselves as a reputable news outlet would.

I know a lot of members of the military and very few of them support either Democratic candidate. That is not to say that none are, just that most are not. I am certainly biased (and not a news source) but I was fair about my findings.

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “The bias of ABC”

  1. Patsy says:

    The MSM TV news organizations will not be able to pull off a withdrawal from Iraq because they no longer hold enough power. The news one acquires via the Internet negates any propoganda broadcast by TV journalists. In fact, the numbers watching those newscasts get less and less every year. Thanks to blogs like yours, Big Dog, we learn the truth, obtain the real facts and don’t fall prey to their treachery. Thank you for all you do.

  2. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 04/08/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

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  3. David Dodt says:

    If you want to see what the democrats are up too check out my book,”The Howard Dean Diary.” It explains what been going on and the part the media play in it. IT sets up a 20 points that must be met in order to win in 2008. In a retired political junkie and researched the hell out of all these issues, No blogs. Its written as if a pissed member of the DNC sent me a copy of the Chairmans diary.

  4. David Dodt says:

    The “Howard Dean Diary” is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Borders and Target to name a few. Check out the cover while your at it.

  5. I think ABC showed how “biased” they were during the debate. Biased AGAINST Obama. There goes your theory… Work on a new one I guess?

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  6. Big Dog says:

    They were not biased against Obama. They finally treated him like other candidates have been treated. They have been far too easy on him.