The Best Way to WIN

Election day 2004 is just 2 weeks away. I have posted about and you have seen stories concerning voter fraud. Democrats paying for fraud with crack, more people registered than live in an area, dead people registered to vote, and thousands of absentee ballots from non-existent people.

This is getting to be the dirtiest election the democrats have staged since they stole the election from Richard Nixon in 1960. Kerry and his toadies have even enlisted an Army of lawyers to disrupt the election with unfounded allegations of voter fraud and intimidation.
The democrats have even gone so far as to keep third party candidates off the ballots in many states. They think third party candidates are the reason they lost in 2000. It is amazing that the group that wanted every vote to count in 2000 does not want votes to count for third party candidates in 2004. Even more amazing, the same people who said the court system had no right to decide the election in 2000 are using the courts to keeo third party candidates off the ballots in 2004. I guess your vote should only count if it is cast for John Kerry.

I have said this many times but it needs to be repeated. We must get out and vote. We have to get every registered voter out to vote for the president on 2 November. We need to win by such a large margin that they can not possibly cheat. It is imperative that we show up in such strong numbers there will be no doubt that our man is the winner.

Do not pay attention to the polls. I do not care if they have Bush up by 80% we need to get out and vote. I would not put it past the MSM to artificially inflate Bush’s numbers to keep his supporters from voting. We can not become complacent.

Do not pay attention to any exit polling results on election day. Get out and vote no matter what they are saying. It would not be out of character for the MSM to give misleading exit poll results showing Bush in the lead to keep his supporters from voting.

Do not leave a polling place once you arrive. If you are in line before the polls close you have to be allowed to vote. Do not let anyone tell you the polls are closed and you have to leave. If you are in line they have to let you vote.

I know I am beating the same drum over and over but it is of the utmost importance that we get out no matter what. You have seen what they are doing and you know what they will do to win. Do not let them keep you from accomplishing your mission on election day.
We must keep focused and show our commitment and we will claim victory.

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