The Best Laid Plans of Mice

The rodents that people call politicians are always trying to make our lives easier. They fail to see that less intrusive government is the best way to do it and instead impose more upon us in the way of taxes and regulations. The liberals in office like to give away things. They only like to give away things that they do not have to pay for, in other words they like to spend your money. Most of them are not nearly as generous with their own money. I have often stated in my posts that government is not efficient and it is not fiscally responsible. Nothing ever comes in at or under budget. One need only look as far as Boston’s Big Dig to see how waste and corruption accompany any item in which the government (and its stooges in labor unions) are involved.

Massachusetts has recently passed a bill that requires everyone to have health insurance. I do not know how they can do that but they did. I mean, if you are wealthy why would you have to have insurance? If you decide that you would rather not pay for the plan set up by your employer, why should you be compelled? Basically, people in Massachusetts have to have health insurance in order to fulfill some politician’s dream of socialism.

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There are uninsured in this country (not nearly as many as thy would have us believe) and there always will be. Government can not manage anything and placing health care in their lane just means it will be mismanaged. Promising people free health care is not the answer as more people will opt for the free care (why should they pay for their own and someone else’s) and health care must be paid for by someone. The money has to come from somewhere. People in office never seem to understand this concept because they do not run budgets the way we do in our homes. We can not extort more money from our employers when our bills overwhelm us. Congress just raises taxes and extorts more money from those of us who work and pay taxes and gives it to those who do not. The same guy with two cars, a cell phone and a large screen TV (with of course, the big cable package) can’t get insurance so he can sponge off everyone else.

Well, as it turns out, the plan in Massachusetts will cost more money than predicted. Say it isn’t so! Yep, it IS so. The estimates now say it will cost $100 more per month per person (that is their premium) than originally predicted. Once again, government will over run the cost and the taxpayer will foot the bill. The real issue is that when costs go up, or any issue arises that affects the price of insurance, the taxpayers in Massachusetts will end up digging deeper into their pockets in order to foot the bill. Socialism has never worked and it never will. It will create class envy, class hatred and it will make the poor poorer and the rich more heavily taxed. It will keep people downtrodden where liberals want them.

Ted Kennedy wants this plan for the rest of the country, he told us so last week. Hillary wants health care for everyone. Maryland’s not so bright legislators are going to look at the Massachusetts plan to see if they can do the same thing here. It will only raise the taxes of the already overtaxed population. But they will look and they will like and they will implement. The sad part is that the sheep in the population will let them because they have become so accustomed to big government paying their way that they do not know anything else.

Reject social welfare, reject universal health care and reject any politician who tells you it is good.


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