The Baltimore Sun, the Democrats Mouth Piece

I live in the People’s Republic of Maryland. We have one major newspaper here and it is the Baltimore Sun. To call it major is an overstatement of its circulation and relevance but it is major in that it is probably the biggest local paper. Besides, it has a big coupon section on Sunday, which is by the way, the only edition we buy and it is solely for the sales papers. The Sun use to have competition here in a paper named the News American but that paper folded many years ago and this has left us with a paper that is basically a transcription service for the democratic party.

I knew that the Sun would endorse Kerry. It is a foregone conclusion that the Sun endorses just about every democrat for major office. They will tell you that they consider this carefully and it takes time but I would argue that the longest it takes is for them to see what candidate has an (D) after his name. Then the decision is made, the endorsement is written by copying the DNC talking points and the editorial staff calls it a weekend.

Let us take a look at some of the “points” they present in support of “their man” (their title, not mine).
This is from the first paragraph:

THAT HEADLINE {John Kerry is our man} will come as no surprise to regular readers of this page. Not because The Sun has a long history of lockstep Democratic presidential endorsements; it does not. But on the issues that divide the candidates — indeed, issues that divide the nation — in this election, The Sun has found President Bush’s leadership wanting, and his decisions worse than questionable. Sen. John Kerry, for his part, brings more than just a new face; he brings credibility, intelligence and a precious opportunity to repair some of the woeful misjudgments of the past four years.

Let us look at a few claims here. The Sun states it does not have a long history of being lockstep with the democrats. The Sun has endorsed many democratic presidential candidates. I do not know the exact number but I would bet they have not endorsed more than three since John Kennedy. I doubt they have endorsed more than one since 1980. They generally endorse the democratic candidate for all the other local offices. They endorsed the failed Parris Glendenning and his would be successor, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Funny, the Sun never talked about the fiscal irresponsibility of those democrats, like they did in attacking Bush. The Sun, in that first paragraph, states that Kerry brings credibility. From where, dear Sun, will he bring it? Mr. Kerry has no credibility. He has taken both sides on nearly every issue. Perhaps if you actually did reporting at your rag you would see this and get it out. Since you just recycle wire stories and pieces from the DNC it is easy to see how you missed this.

The Sun states that Mr Kerry brings to the presidency two decades of distinguished and principled leadership in the senate. Now I have got to know exactly where he got this leadership. How did he get it when he missed 77% of the meetings in the Intelligence Committee. How was it principled when he voted his liberal agenda regardless of the outcome? How was it principled when the Big Dig in his home state was over by $150m and that money was suppose to go back to the government. John Kerry fought for them to keep it and he got $50k out of the deal. If Mr. Kerry is doing such a principled and distinguished job then perhaps the Sun can explain why he will carry his home state by less than Al Gore did in 2000? Perhaps they know him best there. The Sun is a democrat mouth piece, the people of Massachusetts actually know what they have.

The Sun shows they are in the DNC’s pocket with this paragraph:

Make no mistake: We are engaged in two wars right now — the one in Iraq and the one against terrorism. They are related only in that the focus on the former has used money and manpower that ought to have gone to the latter. As a result, Americans are less safe, not more so — and are mired in a seemingly endless bloody conflict as well.

There was no immediate threat to these shores from Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. There was no connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. There was no plan to win the peace, in the unlikely event that that opportunity should ever present itself.

Once again the Sun uses words right out of the DNC playbook. There is one and only one war and that is the war on terror. To claim these are two separate wars shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation and makes the argument as to why Kerry should NOT be the president. The reports have shown the connections between bin Laden and Hussein. The MSM refuses to report this and only focuses on the items they can cut and paste that show the president in an unfavorable light. Bin Laden tried to buy Hussein the biggest pearl in the world, reportedly worth $40m. Terrorists have received medical attention and have trained in Iraq. We know that Hussein paid money to suicide bomber’s families. He was a gathering storm and had violated UN sanctions for 14 years and though it might have been OK for Clinton to ignore them, 9/11 demanded we refocus our attention. We are fighting one war but the Sun, like John Kerry, has it broken down into two wars. This is because they both lack the integrity to see things as they really are and report them that way. They fabricate items to push a political agenda. This is shameless and does a disservice to the American people.

I am not going to waste more of my blog space on the Sun. Suffice it to say, they talk about tax cuts for the rich, underfunding for No Child Left Behind, cuts in Pell Grants, and loss of jobs. The Sun, of course is using the DNC talking points and those espoused by the rest of the liberal media. They do not understand that the top 20% of taxpayers pay 80% of the taxes and if you give a tax cut it should go to those who ACTUALLY pay the taxes. The Sun fails to report that the budget for first responders has INCREASED under Bush. The Sun fails to report that Pell Grants are available for MORE people. The Sun is out of touch with reality. They failed to recognize that the economic indicators show numbers very close (and in some cases better) to those Bill Clinton had in 1996. By the way, the Sun endorsed Bill Clinton in 1996 based, in part, on his strong economy. Funny how things change when there is an (R) after the person’s name.

I am tired of the Baltimore Sun and its inability to report the news fairly and accurately. Their political bias becomes clearer with every election. The Sun and others in the MSM will maintain they do not lean left but their agenda in undeniable. Look at Rather in Memogate, the NYT and the explosives story that is 18 months old, the lack of reporting on documents showing Kerry was taking directions from North Vietnam while leader of the VVAW. The lack of requests for ALL of John Kerry’s military records so the American people can see he was dishonorably Discharged from the Navy for conspiring with the enemy. You know why you do not see this? Because media like the Sun do not have the integrity, integrity, integrity to report the truth and let the people make up their minds. They will walk lockstep with the democrats off the face of the Earth.

The Sun likes to pretend it is fair but the Governor of Maryland, Bob Ehrlich, will not talk to them because they lie and distort things. They do not give the facts and they pander to the elitists on the left.

I can only hope that the Sun goes the way of the News American and many other papers by folding up. I hope it happens on a democrat’s watch so they can’t blame the loss of jobs on a republican. To help the cause, I will encourage all my friends to stop buying the Sun.

If you believe the Sun then vote for Kerry. I happen to believe that if he wins we as a nation will be in deep trouble. All these words will come back to haunt the nation and those who wrote them, including the Sun. They will have been conspirators in the US selling its soul to Satan.

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